A Chapter by Jake Dyson

A short tale of when things are not always what they seem, the story follows to characters which meet twice in one night. Is it coincidence? or could it be masterminded by it.


Chapter 1

The season had turned to winter, a cold breeze swept the night as the moon peeked through the clouds. He lit his cigarette from the car lighter as he drove down the long dim road, the headlights on his allegro were so poor they almost missed as he passed her walking the same direction. He took his foot lightly off the accelerator as a glance turned into a stare, he continued on staring in his mirrors at her as the Allegro drove on.

As he past the bend he pulled over at the nearest turn in, it was quiet with just woods covering the road, no houses were to be seen in his vicinity a couple could be spotted only as dim specks of light through the dark dense woods.

Turning off the car lights and the engine he jumped out skipping over to the edge of the woods that lead to the way he had come, peering from behind a tree he stared at the bend.  Straining his ears he could hear a slight echo of feet coming slowly closer to the bend.

Walking calmly back to the parked car he observed the surroundings coolly, pulling out his keys he opened the boot of the car. Inside the boot was a mess, he pushed the coats and boots aside as he searched for it. He became frantic as he scoured the boot for it, lifting the spare petrol can here and the plastic aprons there…there it was, under the box of latex gloves he found the mask. Lifting it up in jubilation he stared proudly at it, absorbing it in he placed it on his face and tied the laces together.

She walked briskly along the wind swept road, her hands clutching the top of her coat, lifting it closer to her face her fingers froze her cheeks. Bedding herself within the coat she tried to keep her ears as covered as possible, staring down at the path as she made her way around the bend.

Cursing her luck of missing the last bus she wished she didn’t live so far away from town, it was more of a village with only a couple of shops and two pubs. She had met her friends for a drinks which turned into a lot, the night had got interesting when she met him. Beautiful he was, most would describe him as handsome but she had thought she had seen angel when they bumped bodies at the bar. He was as handsome as he was gentleman, buying them all drinks and being so graceful when they polity refused a ride home at the end.

The drink had begun to wear off while she punished herself for the stupidity of not asking to meet him again. Busy in her own thoughts she was completely oblivious to it staring at her through the trees, its eyes followed her every shiver and footstep. It began to walk slowly towards her, she walked at a faster pace than it and so it was now coming from behind.

As it approached within the woods, only a couple of feet from its target, a branch cracked under footing. She turned awkwardly peeking her head out of the coat, scouring the dark wood for the noise, it sprang out at her. Taking a step back she screamed as she cowered almost falling from the curb, the first swing of the steel shovel made a dull painful thud against her shoulder, wailing in a shriek of pain the second swing hit her square in the face… As the limp bodied girl lay there, her face covered in blood, her last image was it standing above, those beautiful eyes staring blankly at her through a former friends face. 




© 2016 Jake Dyson

Author's Note

Jake Dyson
Thank you for taking your time to read, i hope it was an enjoyable easy read. My apologies if there are any literacy mistakes, any feedback at all will be greatly appreciated.

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I was a bit confused by the reference to he and the shift to she halfway thru. I was not sure if that was a grammar error or you were talking about two different individuals or the couple mentioned early.

Posted 3 Years Ago

The perspective switch kind of threw me off a bit. Also, I found it strange that you referred to Mirror Face as an "it" halfway through, since you already humanized him at the beginning of the story.

Posted 4 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Jake Dyson

4 Years Ago

Thank you for your review sir. I thought it would dehumanize him, like the "evil" in him took over w.. read more

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