Daury Invire - Awoken

Daury Invire - Awoken

A Chapter by Operation: UGAWTS

This is my first post for a pirate role play. Daury and his crew have been scouting an island for a fabled creature, and it seems they have finally found it.

The world was hot, red, and dangerous. Wooden infrastructure tumbled upon itself, trapping innocent humans inside and daring any outsiders to help. He breathed in the smoke, peppered with death, deceit and evil. It clouded his judgment and pressed his body to continue searching for Monya, Joseph, and Lenny among the fallen bricks, the crumbled stairs, the silken sheets consumed by fire. Somebody, almost as sweaty, confused, and scared, grabbed him with strong arms and carried him out of the burning brothel. Forced into someone else's arms while the other assisted in putting out the fire, he struggled and argued and felt the tears stream down his dusty face. He broke free from the stranger and barreled down the street calling out the names of siblings and demanding their location. Not again. Not while he"

“Cap'n?” a voice broke into his mind. “Capt'n? Cap'n Daury? Invire Sir?!” Female, definitely a female voice tried to encroach into his thoughts, to ruin the memory he recalled so vividly, and to grab his attention...For what?

She began to shake him on the shoulder injured by one of the stupid creatures choosing to resist their presence. Slowly the brown-haired man opened his large eyes, rolled his head to the side, and stared up at his first mate who withdrew her hands. Looking determined to speak, she opened her mouth, but he silenced her with a swooping motion of his golden-jeweled hand. Once she had left the hut, Captain Daury Invire lingered for a few moments more on the hand-woven bed that was too small for his six foot stature. He really did not mind. Frankly, he planned on being off the island eight days ago, but here they were living off the land and the people like the unwelcome guests they were. 

If only they cooperated and stopped acting like forgetful or stupid fools, the Silvloom Pirates would have been out quick and easy according to plan. Now the damn island cursed his naps with nightmares. So much for trying to keep his head straight. Staring up at the crudely made roof that held its own thus far, Daury figured he might as well see if one of those weasley creatures shot one of his crew mates again. He threw his long legs over the side of the bed and with a grunt, slipped his feet into the thick, leather boots which boosted his height by a little more than an inch. After pounding his feet against the bare ground to ensure they were in all the way, the captain said nothing to the creatures cowering at the door. He attached his sword to his belt and slipped the metallic whip into its flattened holster on his back. Ready to brave the world, he pushed back the wooden door and squinted at the sun making sure to blind him before it ducked beyond the horizon.

Okay. He understood. The island wanted him off. He had his wants too, but he wasn't blinding people after they woke up. Then again, the torturing and beating, the starving and pillaging, and the inevitable killing could be the equivalent. Alright. That's fair.

Rubbing his face with his left hand which was missing a pinky finger, he grumbled, “What was so important that miss Lucia had to bother me?”

“The spotted f'ret. We saw it cap'n!” interjected a crew member out of turn. Having preferred the news from someone who was higher than the decksweeper, he permitted the loud one to keep his tongue. Daury crossed his toned arms and stared expectantly at the man. Due to the sudden attention, the crew member, now flustered, continued, “H-Hyn is trappin' it uh...uhn. It keepsa escapin', cap'n. The dogs cornerin' it as we speak, b-but I dun think they'd keep it there for not much longer, cap'n. You said if we spot the spotted, then we tell you so no more of 'em traps are w-wasted...cap'n.”

“Lucia,” Daury said softly.


“Bring me the trap,” he ordered before looking at the helmsman. “Have Stevenson gather men and send them to join the others. I don't want to give these creatures anymore reason to hate us. Once we capture the ferret, we are heading out. If Miss Javelin is not ready to set sail by the time we arrive, all of you will be forced to push her out to sea and face these creatures yourselves.” Lucia came back with the small trap ready to be baited and rigged to capture the evasive creature.

He took the contraption from her and patted the swabbie hard on the back. “Lead the way, sailor. I don't want 'em dogs tempted to eat the critter.”

“Yes cap'n!” the man choked out, heading out toward the thicker part of the island with the four other crew members following close behind.

Ten minutes later, the anxious yipping and yapping was heard in the air. The group quickened their pace and soon saw Hyn trying to calm the two English Setters growing anxious to catch the spotted animal up in the trees.

“You can take them back to the ship,” Daury said, walking around and peering up at the tree. He saw the dark brown critter and confirmed it was the animal for which they looked. Its two polka-dotted tails stood out among the trees. “Finally,” he uttered with a wide grin.

© 2017 Operation: UGAWTS

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Added on December 28, 2017
Last Updated on December 28, 2017
Tags: pirates, fantasy, fiction


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