Wrath Of batman

Wrath Of batman

A Chapter by Fal'Cie Ophithias

Alone as ever?


Batman Introduction- The Wrath Of Batman



 He stumbled in the early night, as he always did, alone as he always was, his parents were out of town for the month, as they always were. The eight year old wobbled with tears rolling down his pale red angry  face, dressed in all black he hurried home so no one could see him. His Levi 501 jeans soaked at the ankle from the tumble he took during a brawl with some locals, his all black long sleeved shirt rolled up to his elbow scraped from hitting the ground too hard. The brick in his pocket had shattered causing minor scratches to his left thigh, but all was well, he had got what he had come for.


 For nearly two whole weeks he had been watching, studying and taking notes on a group of young adults that  had broken into his home. He knew who they were, were some of them went to school, and had taken notes on their hideout. On this night he felt faithed to go and get his father's belongings back. Equipped with a bat, which he sheathed in the back of his shirt, a brick in his pocked as his secondary weapon, a jar of mayo for ranged purposes, and a screw driver in his left sock just incase the enemy got him to the ground. On this night he prepared to do anything needed to get his father's stuff back, he didn't care about his feeble size, or how many of them there could possibly be, the outside world had stepped into his "Void" (as he calls it) and now they must return what was stolen. Upon sunset he ventured to the most common place he had noted the young adults to be. His information was so precise, it had only taken him half an hour to get to them, he was hungry and his body was weak from the journey but non the less he entered with a powerful grudge on his face.


  To his surprise the young adults, were all huddled near each other talking and laughing, and when he entered the abandoned car shop they stared at him as if they were expecting him. One of the young adults stepped forward to greet the out of breath boy


???: What took you so long


Avoiding the words of the young man, the boy ran in a burst of speed throwing the jar of mayo at his foe and unsheathing his bat. As expected the young man dodged the jar smiling at the approaching young boy.


Batman: I want my father's stuff back!


The young boy shouted as he whirled the bat towards the young man, but he was parried, his bat was sent flying across the floor of the abandoned car shop. He was then lifted off his feet and flailed onto the ground. He quickly recovered dusting himself off, his knees aching from the fall, the bottom part of his pants soaked from landing in a puddle, his brick had broken, scratching his thighs, but he wouldn't admit defeat.


Batman: I want stop until I get my father's stuff back.


???: You can have it back.


Batman: Then ill give it my all until I get...wait what?


They stared at each other awkwardly for a few seconds, Batman's eyebrows raised in suspicion while the strangers eyebrows raised to taunt the young boy.


???:Yes, I said you can have it all back.


The young boy was now confused


Batman:If you were going to give it back, why did you take it in the first place


???: Because we knew you would come, we've been waiting for you.


Batman stood in silence with his head down, he didn't understand anything that was going on. Who were these people? Why were they waiting on him...


Batman: I just...want my father's stuff back. I knew you guys took it, but I do not see why.

Pointing to one of the females,his pale red face lit up.


Batman: I know you take the 570 bus to Colbrat & Walker street. And then you meet up with him.


He moved his finger to the other female


Batman: And you, you always go to the ice cream shack, you always get a double strawberry stack, before you go meet her.


They stared at the young boy as he went on, about all of them. He spoke of how they always met after sunset, and how they would all sit and laugh together. He spoke of how the larger male was always the first one to the hideout after his morning math class, and they all listened carefully.


???: That takes allot of work for someone your age, but see we've been watching you too, Andrew Bellvi


The boy backed up slowly


Batman: How did you know my name, who are you guys.


The boy was now calmly shaking, his body fatigued from the travel and the battle. He didn't have a chance to eat fearing he might miss the group, his throat was parched and his thigh and knees were bruised. The young male stuck his hand out, but the young boy did not accept.


???: My names Danika, and these are my friends who have helped me find you Andrew


Batman: what do you ma-mean?


Danika: Here take a seat, Sally bring Andrew something to eat, It's 10:30, he usually eats around 10:30 right?

The slim, caramel toned girl, known as Sally nodded and walked into what seemed similar to a kitchen area. Andrew watched her from the distance as Danika led him to a coffee table close to the others. He wasn't scared, he actually felt kind of safe in a non-fitting way.


Danika: I have something for you


Batman's attention switched to Danika, who pulled out a wad of money.


Batman: Thats my father's money!


Danika: Yes Andrew, We know your mother is a marine biologist, and your father is a physician, and how they travel


Batman: ...


Danika handed Andrew the money, and explained how they knew he was always alone, how they watched him come out at night and stare at the night sky. How his parents were always gone because of work and leave him three-thousand dollars to survive off of while they were gone. How he only ate warm tortillas and drinked water because he had nothing else to eat. He explained how Batman only only came out at night because he didn't want anyone to question were his parents were, and how he was home schooled so he had no friends or knew no one in St. Bernecia. He told Batman how they watched him attempt to travel around town, but didn't because his fear of being lost, how his body was always so weak because he didn't get enough nutrition for someone his age, and Batman listened while he chopped away at four bologna and cheese fried sandwiches sally had served him, and downing it all with a glass of warm milk to satisfy his young body.


Danika: Here


Batman quickly wiped his mouth dry from crumbs a milk


Batman: One, two, three, four, five six... twenty-seven, twenty- eight...


Danika: That's exactly two-thousand and one hundred dollars Andrew.


Batman quickly stuffed the money in his pocket, while continuing his last sandwich


Danika: We took eight hundred and paid the water, gas and cable bill. We took the last one hundred and bough groceries for your house so you won't have to starve yourself off of tortillas.


Batman continued to eat his sandwich while starring at Danika.


Danika: Sandwich meat, bread, noodles, canned foods, micro-wavable pizzas,


Batman took a sip of milk while going back to his sandwich


Danika: Microwavable macaroni, chips, cereal, caprison juice, and other stuff, really easy stuff for you to eat during the day.


Batman took one last bite before getting up.


Batman: I was told not to take things from strangers.


Danika: But this stuff is yours, we already had someone take it to your house, while you were on your way here.


Batman: ...Don't break into my house again, I should be getting home


The boy's pale faced seemed to warm up, his body seemed to be satisfied from something other than warm tortillas. He begin to walk from the direction he had entered, without looking back, but deep in his heart he had a thirst to know more about these strange people. Why were they helping him. Danika was watching the boy, anticipating on him to look back, but it never came, either way, he was still happy. Batman stopped at the exit door and looked into the night sky, with a urge to look back, but he didn't


Batman: Tha-....Thank you Danika...


Batman walked out of the abandoned car shop and down the street from were he started, towards the "Void" he had come from. The empty night sky did not feel the same to him as he stumbled happily with a smirk on his face, in the darkness of the night, as he always did, alone, as he always was...

(end of Batman Introduction I)

© 2012 Fal'Cie Ophithias

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Added on October 15, 2012
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Fal'Cie Ophithias
Fal'Cie Ophithias


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