Characters of the Heresy

Characters of the Heresy

A Chapter by Fal'Cie Ophithias

The Heresy is a series of events about a young boy known as Batman who believes that he is alone in the world stumbles upon a unique group young adults who only have each.


The Characters in the Heresy come from different, backgrounds and struggles. Each with their own unique personality, and reason for joining The Heresy.

" Batman "-Andrew Bellvi, known as batman is a young eight year old boy and the youngest of the group who was always alone. His parents are constantly at work and he is home school. He has no reason to come out the house, no reason to have friends, no reason to communicate with what he sees as the outside world, until a group of young adults break into his home, and steal his father's belongings. He ventures to the groups hideout, were he meets Danika and the others.


" Danika "- no one really knows Danika's real name, so Danika is what everyone calls him,he is the oldest of the group. No one knows his past, or much about him, but he is known as the official leader of the Heresy. He is the only person Batman seems to look up to, and later becomes his bestfriend.


" Sally "- Sally Mayfield is a teenage girl who has seperate herself from the social aspects of the teenage society. She believes that the world does not care about the human species of female, thus her shadowing herself behind everyone else. Along with a series of bad relationships with her parents, boyfriends, and friends, she rarely speaks unless spoken to, but generally is nice. Her outlook on the world changes, when she joins the Heresy after meeting Danika.


" Big Hawk "- Christopher Hawkins, widely know across St.Bernecia for fist fighting and widely disliked by everyone, visioned as a trouble maker. He stays on the streets, he has no parents. He is often alone at school, somewere in the back. He does not trust the world, because he is so use to everyone going against him so he stays back, watching for potential danger and ready to strike. Aside from his Tall, masculine appearance on the outside, Danika describes him as a "Gentle Giant". He joins Heresey after the group helps him at his lowest point, in which Big Hawk found himself near death


" Gibralta "- Gilbert Keavon Jacobs, a tall slender teenage boy often noted for his silence. He had previously failed to protect his family (mother and four siblings; three girls and a boy) when the St.Bernecia Lions raided the local projects, killing his mother, one of his sisters and taking the other three into custody, ultimatly splitting them up and giving them up for adoption. He almost never spoke to anyone even when they spoke to him, even in class, even when called upon by higher authority. He stood in silence towering over majority the high school at 6 feet 9 inches. His silence was broken when his heart was opened up by Batman, the one thing he had been missing his entire life, happiness. The young boy warmed up to him and although Danika was the Heresy leader, Keavon was Batman's protector, under such loyalty, he joined the Heresy.


" K.C Hoft "- Unlike Sally, Kimberly Chanelle Hoft, was popular amongst everyone. She knew her and everyone knew her, she felt as if the world revolved around her. A spoiled girl, her parents gave her everything, she never had to ask twice for anything, he friends were formed of some of the prettiest, meanest girls in the school, who she believed to be her true friends, but she soon learned that popularity only goes so far, when her parents disowned her to the streets after she decided to drop out of high school to be with a guy who got her pregnant. Now left alone she struggled to work a part time job and take care of her body in prep to deliver her soon born daughter. She joins Heresy after the feints due to de-hydration, and Danika drives her to the local hospital were she spends the next four weeks of her life, upon having her baby. Along with other Heresy members they await her release from the hospital, were they take her and her daughter in as one of their own.


" Bawk "- Laeon Shelton, a hot-tempered friend of Danika. He and Danika are considered to be brothers, they do nearly everything for each other in mutual respect, he is noted as the co-leader of Heresy, Danika often calls him the "Master at Arms"

© 2012 Fal'Cie Ophithias

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Added on October 15, 2012
Last Updated on October 15, 2012


Fal'Cie Ophithias
Fal'Cie Ophithias


Hello my name is Anthony Oliver, I am a new writer, I started writing last year with the Idea of coming up with unique ideas/ designs and begin to do character designs, after doing that for about 6 .. more..