small game hunters

small game hunters

A Poem by Anna Auel

a poem inspired by Rilo Kiley's song "Portions For Foxes."


This mess is splattered on the daily news

Spread and splayed across the bone cold tabletop.

Table for two.

And it’s bad and bad and bad.

I don’t love you.


You’re a nice distraction, a way to get some relief

From this howling

lone wolf loneliness.

The lights flash on and off

Lightning flashes but no newsflash

Just highlights of our self-destruction.

Eating away at us.

At you and I.


The fox crouches over our eggs and burnt toast.

Not-rightness gnaws at our hearts and one day we’ll be nothing

But the crooked bones of heartache.

Trussed up with sleeping half-smiles on our taxidermied faces

On display, what a fine display.

Beautiful pristine foxes.


But before it’s done it’s okay, it’s okay.

Nothing says quite so much (or so little) as sex


it’s bad and bad and bad.

I’m bad for you, you’re no better for me.

One day she arrived and was there and so you had her


Ate her up, licked your lips, satiated


I watched and did nothing, said nothing.

My mouth rusted on its hinges, angry blood pooling

from the scraping and wrenching to say…say what?

Say nothing because

I would have done the same.


Loneliness is

bad and bad and bad.

Excise the image of (himandher) (herandhim) from my mind and replace it

with the soft fluff

Of feathers. Light as a feather remedies,

but we are remedy-less.


It’s bad and bad and bad.

I want you anyway.

Come here anyway.

Let’s be alone together.

Because we’re already dead.

© 2012 Anna Auel

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Added on March 31, 2012
Last Updated on April 1, 2012
Tags: postmodern, love, sex


Anna Auel
Anna Auel

Shepherdstown, WV

I graduated in 2010 from a small liberal arts college with a degree in English. I work for a periodontist during the day, in my spare time--though I long to make it full-time, but am stymied by the ne.. more..