Maggot Brain

Maggot Brain

A Story by Toney Vega

So this started off as a shi***y emo poem then became a relatively awesome zombie thing that was even more therapeutic? Schweet!

Oh here it comes again!
This familiar pain in my heart that
Causes beats to slow near death and
Futures to drown in the darkness of the moment
I am filthy yet I relish the Earth
Lying prostrate in the mud
Cursing a malevolent deity
Hoping all the while my own curses will lift
This is all futile and I know it, yet I persist.
At least for once I'm not lost.

The Lost Ones continue to trudge
With soles weary of traveling
Blisters split open now running free
And souls long-since forgotten from traveling
Now sojourned to another plane of existence
Where they can now find peace and rest
Needless to say they trudge on without pain.

I am one of the Fallen
An extraterrestrial Titan
Now banished from the Outer Realm
Wallowing in the cosmic muck of
Humans and the like
Disgusting, confused creatures so blinded by
Lust, money and power they'd throw away
And semblance of dignity if it meant a dime.

The Lost Ones hear the cries of the Fallen
They smell the putrid stench of sorrow and
Feel the low rumbling vibrations of hate
Saliva drips
Mouths moist with anticipation and longing
Foood, foood
Their trudge quickens with each determined step
Feet break open as twigs pierce the bottoms
They don't mind though, all they can think is one thing
Finally...a meal.

Tired and dirty I try to rest
I know I have a lot of work ahead of me
Before I'm able to rejoin my brethren in the stars
As I lay my head I hear a twig *pop*
I look up to see a sea of glowing hollow eyes
Soon the Lost Ones are upon me
Biting and rending my flesh with unholy teeth and claws
Shoving and punching I try to fend them off
But once again I realize the futility of it all
I am:
And these Lost Ones
Gave up their humanity eons ago!

I wonder though what is it that
Guides these soulless monsters
What motivates them to carry on
Despite years of famine and drought
And though I am being eaten alive at the moment
I can't help but ponder this query
Then I realize, these creatures aren't of this world,
They are of me...
I am being eaten alive by my own fear
And I want it to happen.

So consume me foul beasts
I Shout
I know I will live on
In the bowels of your wretched existence
Freed from this world of hatred and fear
From this life of unjust law and unlawful rule
From the massive weight of being me.

Bon Appetit.

© 2010 Toney Vega

Author's Note

Toney Vega
This= Me coping with life getting me down. I'm sorry, I try not to write poems out of sadness but we can't be perfect now can we.

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lol i love this poem / story :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Dude, that was awesome! Made me giggle (sorry if that's offensive).
Bon Appetit... heehee.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Dude, f*****g awesome! Maybe I'm perverted, but I found it hilarious!
And don't worry over writing said "emo" poems. That's pretty much all I write. That, and explicitly gory, bloody pieces.
So...youre not morally decrepit like me. Yay!!! XD
Great job with this, ♥

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on January 7, 2010
Last Updated on January 8, 2010
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Toney Vega
Toney Vega

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