Life's a B***h

Life's a B***h

A Poem by Toney Vega

An observation of heights.


I saw God once.

I was too high,

Flying at heights uncharted by astronauts in the sky.

Looking down I scoped a scene of jiggaboos scoping spics,

And honkeys would chat with donkeys 'fore feeding spics with their spit,

And the jiggaboos got a spec of the profits,

I yelled at them, "Stop it!"


They didn't hear me,

Just readjusted their tv's,

So steamily I looked up to the Heavens,

To curse their blessings so forever it'd pour acid rain.


But they were unaffected,

The richer n****s had housing and didn't stress it,

And the ones without, that only had a prayer, got the lesson,

So naturally they kept dreaming,

Looking to higher places as little children were screaming and maddened men turned to scheming.


I looked up too,

Only yelling at God for putting me in positions so odd,

It wasn't fair,

He looked at me floating there,

Then opened Heaven for me,

So I could see,

The nature of humanity and what it means to be...

© 2012 Toney Vega

Author's Note

Toney Vega
This will be continued in another installment soon.

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I read this and thought... Powerful... You must finish!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 16, 2012
Last Updated on May 16, 2012
Tags: god, jesus, religion, spirituality, life lessons, life, humanity


Toney Vega
Toney Vega

Richmond, VA

I'm an 18 year old artist who specializes in music and writing. All of my writing centers around my life at the current moment as both a form of escapism and a way to face things that are bothering o.. more..


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