Your loneliness is mine

Your loneliness is mine

A Poem by Outlawless

We always knew we didn t want each other like we fooled

I saw you from a far
I knew I had to have it all
It was my drug the one I needed to refill
I was on my come down
Thinking about how I was afraid and couldn't take rejection this way
And then all of a sudden
You came and fixed every bit of it
This must be it, just like last time I have found the love of my life
This is different
I learned from it
Look at her so beautiful, perfect ,and sexual
She is my all
Ready to fall, I can't, I'm to high to experience it
She feels the same I knew I saw a weakens from her brain, just like mine we'll get a long just fine
She makes me so mad
I'm sad it's turned into the same game
I'm ready to play
I hate the way you do me
I'm perfect and your screwed me
This whole time I cussing and cursing and verbally hurting
Too much pride to look within and sign the dotted line that stares all this abuse should be turned within to you
But you're such a coward you can only see the end and who the winner is
I can hurt you more
I can make you worth
I can win because
I'm big louder and less of a man that any man
I told you I would win
Until I realize that I'm the reason she cheated, lies, and ran to some else for support as she cried
I was there, I made it impossible, because I was hoax, made a joke, in front of her friends as I ran off and got drunk to escape my emotions
Maybe one day I'll find myself and realize I'm not the one that needs to be blaming everyone else

© 2017 Outlawless

Author's Note

When you tell your friend how crazy. Stupid, lying, cheating your ex was and they don't look you in the eyes and say, bro, you were doing all that shit you are spraying at her, you just can't see it because you.made up so many lies that you can only see how possible it is to completely distort and make somebody see what you want them to see and you don't want anyone to do that to theee

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Please don't hate me :) cheers

Posted 5 Years Ago

This poem looks to me like a distorted picture. The more you read it the more daring and chaotic it gets. I don't know what else to say. The ending is kinda in your face also a bit like going off a tangence. I don't think I want to read it again gave me the shivers

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on October 22, 2017
Last Updated on October 22, 2017
Tags: Lonely, love, lies, cheat, lying, anger, liar, abuse, deceitful, hate, need, unconscious



Mandan , ND

I'm just another one trying find the love that I've made impossible to love more..

Outlawless Outlawless

A Story by Outlawless