A Story by Outlawless

Spun on the run or just for fun

After 30 hours of sleep, rested, and recovered ready for anything. My day started just like a play. The phone rang as i dreamt away, answered in furry, wondering what they had to say. Get ready, i might ve wanted, driv8ng accross the state back roads the whole way, dont worry about a thing, ill get you high dont think. Okay...
Normal morning time everyone on the day grind living like a rancher rather than like life mattered inside. Gee blew in ready to spin and I was right there waiting for the drugs to pour in. Are we just here for drugs or are we actually a friend, I don't know I've had that question a million. I had already crushed two lines to curb my craving after coming down from the clouds again. My only thought was about my new cherry pop and the happiness wanting just behind the sniff of a line to being the blind journey of mine.

Well, that was good, but I don't think I got my hook. It's too early to tell, this is speed not the amazing morphing stuff. So I wait and wait for my change and escape my real world brain. My friend was already escalated so that was no indication when fun would begin. He continued to talk as I scoffed and laughed letting him talk his ear off. Was this fake, have I been doupped without even paying this doesn't make sense, I need another hit. But Gee had gone over the mean and was already talking about the boggies 10 miles behind paranoid of flying signs. I assured him everything was fine, but it was met with his thoughts as I spoke to my own consciousness and only added more juice to keep his brain spinning.

The stories and constant weave mixed with the theories of death threats had my mind turning to me. I'm still waiting to jump on board your games that your playing. Have I done too much, am I just dull and this the rest of my methamphetafame? I must puss, pull over before I flood the badlands with rivers of destroyed hints that we had been this direction at each piss like someone was on to us taking our directions down to plan out a huge surprised orchestrated with precision time to bust us for a small amount of drugs on roads hundreds of miles from civilization. We had a plan why we were so spun and it was going to prove ourselves that this was not a big problem. We must march on like soldiers determined to find out spot with no dead line but liv8ng at the edge of time not missing a second. So planned ahead the years had disappeared and time didn't exist. I want, but actually need some more juice to give me a boost so I can stop getting asked why I was so talkative and how I wasn't the normal me, but I was exactly me not boosted, spun, high, dry, tweaked, geeked, or sleepy. I was the normal me content with life quiet, simple, and few problems waiting to get screwed by sleep deprived brains, 3 day music dead ears, and blurred vision from 12 hours in your bathroom stuck on porn jacking it. Ah, this why I get high, to escape the simplicity of normal life and complicate my side to entertain everyone else in my eyes.

The bag is gone what have I done. These weren't even my drugs, why was I even the one holding them. Play it cool, he high and school, he won't even notice, then you can think of an excuse. Right on time the question comes as if he sensed my mind. Let's get high. Okay I clipped and that I couldn't find the s**t. I bet it fell out as we were pissing and shouting about a car coming and we shouldn't be outlawin. Remember we looked but it was quick and then we figured we couldn't drop it it must be in the truck. So I looked quietly and eagerly in pain as we drove not to alert the red and blue so they wouldn't come after you. But inside I was dying with rage of wanting to tear the whole thing apart one screw at a time. Don't ask me, I didn't know I was reasonable for the fun things. I must have be higher than I realized, I couldnt think about where the drugs were the whole time.

This is my time, I'm drive to keep my friend from finding his time behind bars like his ole lady said she had told the police he she go to jail. I must find the bag before I go mad, not even sure if from losing allm the drugs, not getting high, or just wondering in my mind. Crunch, gravel, that doesn't sound good. Who's driving, this isn't even my car how did I get in charge again. We're off the road Gee is enraged yelling and screaming I wrecked the day. This is what I live for I'm a wheelman no one drives better this is not the end. I feather the throttle like a professional as my friend screamed and drove his car down in the ditch 2 inches from the fence the road was getting further and further from my sense. We're going to roll and the wheel was cranked all the way left and my lead saw an end to our adventurous end. The car was being thrashed with gravel, bouncing up and down and we plowed the dirt mounds down and road on two wheels as I heed and hawed the wheel like middle eastern teenage tool. I knew this wasn't it. I smashed down the gas and watched as the last the car drove smoothly back on the road and dust poured out as my heart dropped thinking the oil was burning out. Just my friends imagination, the car is so how okay..., I think. I'm just not going to share my mechanical brain and tell him everything is okay. And laugh about how things change without anyone's say before they know a thing. I must slow my game this s**t is not the same or I slept to much and the fairies have played tricks on my brain.

Cops continued to follow and we there at every turn. In the distance as if someone called them and we were being plotted against. Everything move me made was always one step ahead by some other thing that linked everything along the way. Sounds like living as your spirit was meant, no decision, reason, direction, meaning, was used in the path we followed. We were living exactly as God intended, unsure, lost, scared, free, no plan, and lost to destroy us. Just like life and the natural battles animals face in the wild, we were outlaws. The real world could take us a way. We had a plan for everything. Today would not be our day, no matter how extreme things became, I followed my place in space and just listened as I experienced something no one could ever experience. I had met my guiding angel or demon or God or Devil and turned over freewill to then in return of following the man's law and safely returning me to my rightful place. Never speed faster than your guardian can fly.

© 2017 Outlawless

Author's Note

Just a fun little journey.

No proof read.

Only half the story was told, bit it seemed like a good time and sorry for grammatical. I just right and let things say what they want with too much thought or educational standards. Free with Gee

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Added on October 22, 2017
Last Updated on October 22, 2017
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