The Patient Is Loose (Chapter 2 Part 1)

The Patient Is Loose (Chapter 2 Part 1)

A Chapter by Rudy Menjivar

His first instinct was to break loose but he couldn't.


Joseph sat there at the bus stop still twitching in pain. He felt remorse from killing that girl. He had felt something something special about her. He couldn't help it, but he also couldn't help loving her. He stood up. He was still changing back. The sun was rising, but with cloud cover....bad sign. He walked up toward the right lane of 4th street and stared at his paws. His hideously large paws were still changing back into human hands. His claws painfully changing back to nails. His eyes were also bright red. Then he looked toward his left and saw two flashing beams of light and was suddenly struck by a black sedan.

Beep....Beep....Beep....He slowly opened his eyes, and found himself lying on a bed, in a strange room. The room was painted white, and had pink curtains almost drawn completely around his bed. There was also another curtain drawn around another bed to his left, but it was unoccupied. As he was lying there he noticed the lights above him flickering. He was alone in the room. He felt confused. He looked out toward a small square window beyond the empty bed, thinking his answer was staring at him through the glass, but all he saw was rain. Rain and cloud cover. For some odd reason the rain seemed to contemplate him. He tried to stand up and walk toward the window to see what was beyond, but something was holding him back. He looked down toward his chest, and saw straps tightly drawn around his body toward the bed. He felt angry and weak at the same time. His first reaction toward this was to quickly break loose, but he couldn't. He suddenly heard a door open., and heard someone come in. "Well, finally we're awake." said a man dressed up as a doctor, after pulling the curtain aside. "Where am I"? asked Joseph. "You're safe." said the man. "Now these'll help you sleep." the man continued. The lights started flickering again. "What are they?" "Where am I?" "Who are you!!" said Joseph now more alarmed then curious. "Just take these" said the man stubbornly. Now Joseph started to get angry. "I won't take them, unless you tell me where I am." said Joseph. "That's none of your concern, now here." said the man giving some pills to Joseph. Now Joseph started to get furious, then the bulbs reacted as if its energy were being drained, they ceased. It was dark. This time the man started to get scared. He called out to someone else "Get security down here now!!" he yelled, but it was too late. He heard a soft groan, he looked toward the spot where he last saw his "patient". All he saw were a pair of red eyes staring back at him. "Oh s**t." he whispered. As Joseph finished devouring his latest victim, security came, and drew their M9's then fired at Joseph. Joseph then fiercely ran toward the nearest exit he could find. The window. He jumped toward the window shattered glass followed him down the 10 story building. He then landed painfully on the lobby enterence. More security, this time from the ground floor then started firing at him with deadly force, which caused him to run wildly across a nearby street almost getting run over again by an Altima, then by a Pathfinder, then out of sight.


(In another part of the "Hospital".)

"We should have been more careful."Said a man in an extremely dark room. "He should have given him the pills without such a fuss," he continued. A light suddenly turned on to reveal a man wearing sun glasses and dressed all in black. "Find him and bring him back," Ordered a voice in front of him. The man nodded, turned and walked back toward the darkness.  

© 2011 Rudy Menjivar

Author's Note

Rudy Menjivar
Tell me what you think about it. Tell me any flaws you might find in it, that'd be greatly appreciated.

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Added on December 14, 2008
Last Updated on February 3, 2011
Tags: Alternate Reality, Alternate Realities, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction
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