Shelter for the Damned (Chapter 2 Part 2)

Shelter for the Damned (Chapter 2 Part 2)

A Chapter by Rudy Menjivar

The plot continues.

Despite what he feels, he can no longer return to his apartment. Not because of the tragic deed done within its walls, but because of the new menace looming out of the shadow and into conspicuity after Joseph. All contact with people he ever knew must be severed. He will have to live like an animal. Like the animal he now feels that he is. It wasn't always like this though. Joseph usually was able to contain his inner demons. Ever since he was little, he had this affliction. He can't remember how he got to obtain his monstrous other half. Why are they after him?
Joseph had been walking for hours. Night had fallen. He was beset by darkness, but the fact that he had turned so rapidly before seemed to had caused him to regain his human form rapidly as well. Joseph was walking down a street he hadn't been before. It seemed to have seen better days. He turned right and entered an alleyway. He felt so cold that he started shivering. It wasn't everyday that one would walk down the street naked in the middle of the night. Joseph stopped and stood against a wall of a building on his right. It wasn't until he stopped that he realized that not only was he f*****g cold, but that he was also tired. He squatted, while still inclined to the wall. The cold feeling on his back from the wall made him shiver even more. He was like that for a couple minutes. The coldness of the night and the reality of his aggravating situation created something in him. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs, scream out with all his might at the world, and perhaps shed a tear for lost hope. Until suddenly a door that he hadn't noticed before opened from the building in front of him, across the alley. The very sight of people walking out from the building gave him a new found hope. The street had been oddly silent and deprived of life. Two men came out through the door, which was a short distance away from Joseph. They were laughing. The men seemed to be deep in conversation, which Joseph quickly realized was the most probable reason why they hadn't noticed him. That, or because he was still squatting near a large garbage bin.

© 2011 Rudy Menjivar

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Rudy Menjivar
Does the manner the last sentences are written, go with the rest of this part, in your opinion? How was it? Will you even bother reviewing this, even after you bothered going to this web page?

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Added on February 3, 2011
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Rudy Menjivar
Rudy Menjivar

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