Pilot/ Voices and Sounds

Pilot/ Voices and Sounds

A Chapter by Rudy Menjivar

Walter investigates the disappearance of an 8 year old girl who seems to have simply vanished. The only indication of her where-abouts or at least her condition is a tape recorder found on her bed.


INT. A Girl's Bedroom - Morning

The camera pans left revealing what is in front of it as the back of a drawer. When the camera completely comes away from the drawer, Walter comes inside what the audience immediately recognizes as a girls bedroom. He stands in the middle of the room and slowly surveys the room. He takes the time to lift up a framed picture of the girl and her parents that was probably taken at a beach. He slowly puts it back and continues. Walter passes by a small desk and a few more drawers when he finally sees the girls bed and what's on top of it, a tape recorder. To satisfy his curiosity, he plays the tape.
Man's Voice on the Tape
I'm gonna make you better. You'll see.
(Sobbing in the background)
Girl's Voice
Please let me go.
Man's Voice
Strange sounds of machinery and what sounds like a beeping from a heart monitor, then static.

Walter presses the STOP button on the tape recorder.

Walter (whispering)
What the f**k?
The next scene starts with the camera panning left away from a white leathery looking material which we immediately recognize as the backside of a sofa with Walter sitting on it. As the camera zooms in on Walter, there are sounds of people talking and shadows of people walking behind the camera as police officers are seen standing and walking outside a blinded window. In front of Walter, are the apparent parents of the girl. Walter grabs the tape recorder which was placed on a small table  in between Walter and the couple.
Who was that man? Is he the one who took our daughter?
As Walter puts the tape recorder in a baggie then in his coat pocket
Mr. Harrison, I don't know. We're still trying to piece together what happened here.
Mrs. Harrison
Please find our daughter, please.
At this point Walter sounds more disinterested rather than curious.
We'll do our best to find your daughter Mrs. Harrison. But to do that I'm gonna need some questions answered.
Mr. Harrison
Mrs. Harrison just nods.
Mr. Harrison, where were you the night Cynthia went missing?
Mr. Harrison
(Sighs, then) I was at the bar last night. I always go to the closest bar every Monday night It's sort of my way of coping with the start of the new work week. I never did like Mondays. You can even ask Jeff. He's the bartender.
Mrs. Harrison
You think my husband had something to do with Cynthia's disappearance?
Mr. Harrison
Honey, he's just doing his job.
Walter (Now looking as Mrs. Harrison)
And you Mrs. Harrison?
Mrs. Harrison
I was washing the dishes.
Okay, Did you see or hear anything suspicious?
Mrs. Harrison
No, I didn't.
Mr. Harrison, do you know anybody who would try to harm you or your family?
Mr. Harrison
No, I don't think so. I work in the trucking industry so I don't really know that many people. And the people I do know from work I know wouldn't do something like this. I've known them for years.
Do any of you know where Cynthia got this tape recorder?
Mrs. Harrison
Yes, she bought it at a yard sale I took her to a couple days ago.
Can you tell me where this yard sale was?
Mrs. Harrison
Yes, I can write down the address.
Mrs. Harrison gets up and walks away to find a piece of paper and pen.
Mr. Harrison can I please have your home phone number and cell phone number so we can be in contact?
Mr. Harrison takes out his wallet from his back pocket, opens it and takes out a white card and gives it to Walter. Walter briefly looks at it.
Thank you. We'll keep in touch.
Walter gets up and starts walking to the kitchen which was behind the sofa where Walter was sitting. Mrs. Harrison walks toward Walter and gives him a piece of paper with the address Walter asked for.

© 2011 Rudy Menjivar

Author's Note

Rudy Menjivar
This is unfinished. And If you haven't realized, it's in the style of a script. I'm thinking of adding a Prologue. I know this isn't the right way to write a script, but I haven't had any formal training in this, so please just enjoy. I will be updating this when I have time.

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Added on April 23, 2011
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