A Story by PadfootBlack

A painful memory.


He took me to lunch that day. Not a rare occurence, Dad would treat me to lunch often, he enjoyed the quality time. It was a delicious meal. After we ate, he took me to the park. Lovely place, the park. It was summer... and I remember the smell... the smell of flowers, was overwhelmingly lovely. The grass was healthy and green, long enough to run your fingers through it... everything was beautiful. He held me close and kissed my forehead, running his fingers through my hair. He heaved a ragged sigh, and fixed his deep blue eyes into my own. Right then is when I knew something was wrong. They say... that the eyes are windows into the soul. Well, the usual wise calm was gone from my father's eyes, replaced by an unsettled sadness. I peered up at him, and he said, gently, softly...

   "Julia. Last night... Kendall passed away."

My world collapsed, my heart gave in. I couldn't breath. "No, no, NO!" My heart screamed. "NOT Kendall, God PLEASE not Kendall, not her, it can't be her!" The world around me faded, all that was left was me... me, and my rage at God. HOW? How the F**K could he let this happen? Kendall had just excepted Christ, she was a new christian, I had been talking to her about it no longer than a month before! What the HELL was wrong with him? Did he like breaking my heart, her family's heart? I burst into rageful, rib-cracking sobs, falling on the long grass. My soul had been ripped, my heart had been shredded, and Kendall was never, ever, coming back.

© 2010 PadfootBlack

Author's Note

My best friend in the whole world, Kendall, passed away in 2008 from brain cancer. She loved pink. She loved pandas. And she was the only one who I could tell -anything- to. She was a light in a dark place, an angel in Hell. Why she was taken, I've yet to be told. But she taught me more about life, about love, and about character than anyone else ever could. I loved her.

I was mad at God for a very long time, but he was gracious enough to, in time, reveal why she had been taken. Her death... taught -so- many people, people like me, about love, life, and character. She touched so many lives... too many to count. Who am I to question the Plan? He knows what He's doing, though sometimes we can't see that. Instead of mourning Kendall's death, I have learned to celebrate her beautiful life.

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I'm not a religious person, never have been, and I don't like talking about death. So I'll review the piece itself, if you don't mind.

Your detail is fantastic. You know where to put it, and where to let off. Voice shines through in this, and your playing with emotion is very good. The last sentence was powerful, and it made the writing stronger with that particular thought ending it. I do wish that you would indent a bit more; three medium paragraphs are better than two fat ones. Maybe you could make every question stand on its on?

Anyways, I am very sorry for your loss. But this is a great piece of work.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Make me want to write about Erin... [sigh]

I love you, and I'm glad you've grown from it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Awwwwww. I'm really sorry, Julia. Really sorry for you. *hugs* Almost at the point of tears. This is... Wow. If you need to vent... Message me. The DM box is right there.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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