The Ghost Bird

The Ghost Bird

A Poem by PadfootBlack

A haunting cry peirces the air, the unmistakable call of the Ghost Bird...


A haunting cry

peirces the air

The unmistakable call

of the Ghost Bird


Silently gliding

through midnight waters

Human eyes search desperately

and in vain

for the sleek checkered body


A shiver runs down the back

of the Persuer

as the cry is heard once again

The Ghost Bird surfaces near

Taunting, teasing.


With a hushed splash

She disappears into

the lake's ongoing depths

the Persuer whips around

to see... nothing.


Nothing but the Ghost Bird's only trace

A soft ripple coating

the water's surface

Only the gentle sound

of quiet waves

carressing the shore



Reluctantly, the Persuer gives up

after days of scanning

the peaceful horizon


But when head touches pillow

each night

and the Persuer drifts off

to sleep

there is no doubt that he hears

the cry of

The Loon of Heart Lake.

© 2010 PadfootBlack

Author's Note

There's a loon that lives a at the ADK loj... she has the most beautiful call in the world, it chills me everytime I hear it. We call her the Ghost Bird because she's there one moment... and has slipped deep into the heart of the lake the next.

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This is very very haunting and beautiful. I know I'd go looking for the Ghost Bird. I have heard a loon once in real life and it is such a unique, beautiful and haunting sound. I love this, outstanding!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I have heard the haunting call of a loon, and your write is a beautiful expression of this wondrous bird. Can see, hear, and feel the moments played through your voice in the darkness of these shadows.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very discriptive. I loved it, the haunting feeling was very strong and you expressed the Ghost Bird's strength, and cleverness very well.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Easily read, which is always a good thing. Means there's a flawless flow. c:

Excellent job. c:

Posted 10 Years Ago

*did not understand the authors note... still reviews it anyway* Oooh. :D I like it. xDD

Posted 10 Years Ago

very nice write.. it flows well and is an enjoyable read. Thanks!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 5, 2010
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