Beast Within

Beast Within

A Poem by Pakino

How wicked is the heart of men?

To ravage the soul of another

Fiercely striking their blades on another heart

Fiercely striking their blades on another honor


Will man learn from their sins?

Hope is dim, as the beast within consumes the mind

Mind of Greed

Mind of Power


When will salvation pour on man?

Like the radiant wings of the phoenix

Darkness engulfs as we all lay blind

Darkness engulfs as we all lay cursed


As long as the mind of man is corrupted

So shall the beast within grow


Waiting for every moment to destroy with ecstasy


The Pride of a Women!


© 2009 Pakino

Author's Note

This has been on my mind for ages I just havn't come around to write about this topic.

The topic being how females are treated as objects from men (who are beasts in this context), and how men tend to abuse females by provoking some sexual action/comment. I can go on in the poem about this, but I decided not to as I just wanted to bring the issue up not solve it.

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i liked it, i thought it was a facinating poem, my favorite lies were
"Mind of Greed
Mind of Power"
because it brought to me the seven deadly sins, and i know power isn't one of them, but i thought of lust because you can lust for power.....

very interesting! great write!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Fascinating topic, although I wish the poem was a bit more conclusive. I wasn't sure if you were bringing up the topic of sexism for discussion or if you were sexist--at least until I came to your note at the bottom anyway. Sometimes one can be too objective perhaps. Anyway, I love the wording and imagery. Very good.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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