10. The tale

10. The tale

A Chapter by Pancae

Just when Rose's words no longer clung to the air, ice rushed through Delilah's body and dark 
scenarios began to fill her head along with piles of questions. 

What if she found out about me ? 
What if she won't let me help ? 
What if... Have I done something wrong ? 
Had the school phoned her ? 

Although she did not know what was happening, Delilah put on a brave face and entered the kitchen, only to be wiped clean from the worries that surrounded herself. 
Her mother, Rose, looked completely pale; as if somebody had drained all color from her. Even her brown eyes looked as if they'd lost  color. 
'' Mum are you ok-. '' 
'' I'm fine. '' 
Although Rose's fake smile was rather good, Delilah's worry remained. Even when the young girl took her seat, her eyes never left Rose.

'' Well.. I've heard Madison introduced you to Jared ? '' 
She knows ?! Delilah thought better than to play dumb.
'' Mum, I promise you its not dangerous ! I wont get hurt or an- '' 
The smile that Rose replied with silenced the girl in front of her. 
'' I know that.. You see, Philip was also.. special. '' 
'' Philip ? '' Delilah had never heard that name come up, yet it somehow still rang a bell. 

'' Yes.. Well, I think it's time you knew the truth.. 

Philip's abilities were discovered at an early age. 5, to be exact. Back then, Madison had very few.. members. But once Philip joined her and the others, thing were never quite the same. 
So he trained, just like you now. At 17, he earned himself a title by preforming something incredible; Raven. '' 

Delilah was taken back and knocked off guard. She wanted to ask question, to gain answers, but her voice didn't obey her orders.

'' Due to that, he was faced with a woman; Gaelanda. One of a kind, just the way Philip was.. Yes, back then they only had the originals.. Gaelanda and Philip, Philip and Gaelanda; The two legends... Back then they got them together to train, so that they could get stronger and out-do everybody else, but it grew into so much more.. Soon enough they were always together, wherever Gaelanda was, Philip was there. Wherever Philip was, Gaelanda was. Their love was so powerful that it annoyed some at times.. They got married early, at 21. Sooner than expected, Gaelanda fell pregnant with twins. People celebrated.. The two most powerful beings.. What would their children turn out like ? The question never gained an answer. The two girls birth was kept a secret... Too soon, the time came to put Philip's and Gaelanda's abilities into use. A meteor was coming, the world's NASA was oblivious to it.. It was all left to the two of them.. Their existence was too short.. Destroying the meteor from back home would do nothing.. They tried, of course, but it had no effect. The only way to save countless humans was to get inside of the thing and destroy it like that, push the remains away from the world.. The only ones capable of doing so were the ones that were now parents.. So they did, only the blast was too strong and destroyed them too.. Nobody was expecting it, but.. it happened. Everyone knew about Gaelanda's pregnancy - so everyone, aside from a small group of people, was left to believe that she saved the world while begin pregnant. There were objections. Of course there were objections. '' 
Rose lifted her hand to her mouth, as if to cover a sob. However, after a few seconds and a deep breath she began to speak again. 
'' One of the twins, Alilah, she was kidnapped by a then trusted member.. He betrayed them all.. The second twin, she's safe now. '' 

For a moment, Delilah didn't know what to say. She wanted to ask her mum why she was telling her all of this, but at the back of her mind she knew why - and she couldn't hate it more.
'' Am I... '' She started, unable to meet Rose's gaze.
'' You're Alilah's sister. '' Rose replied, her tone a soft whisper.
Then, Delilah's stomach flipped and insides turned. She couldn't take it.. It was all just too unbelievable to believe.. 
Rose.. wasn't her mother ?.. 
Her sister.. kidnapped ? 
Before she even knew it, Delilah was already upstairs and sobbing under her covers, just the way she had when she was 5. 

© 2015 Pancae

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Added on January 12, 2014
Last Updated on July 2, 2015
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