An innocent town

An innocent town

A Story by PandaPeaceful

It all consisted of a schedule. The man would stand up in the morning, feed the purring cat and devour his favourite breakfast. He would drive to work in his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible and negotiate with every goddamn business man in town. He would then return home to his beautiful wife and eat dinner, because that was life. And he was proud of it. Nothing could or would ever go wrong in his precious schedule because, he would never permit that.
But, what he didn't know, was that secrets have a way of pouring out. Like spring, suddenly weaving in on winter. The truth however, hurts. Inside that cracked and frozen pile of ice, lays the darkest of lies. So let me tell you the story of how everything burned into ashes, in a lovely, untouched town.

It was 1959, the sun blazed against the crystal windows, illuminating the perfect white houses. Kids giggled inside, guests enjoyed the miraculous breeze and the hosts, well they just stood there, smiling and welcoming the crowd of opportunities.

"How are you John? Having a swell day?" Jimmy asked.

"But of course! What isn't there to love about a grand summer day? Isn't that right, love?" John asked.

"Yes, it is gorgeous today." The wife answered.

"How is the business running Jimmy?" 

"It is booming. I haven't had so many buyers in years!" Jimmy exclaimed, a wild smile running past his unfaithful lips.

"Good to hear. Well, I gotta get back to the crowd. I'll talk to you later."

John dismissed the man nonchalantly and returned to the audience, whom now, was glancing at the man of pure prestige. 

"May I have your attention everyone?" John announced, a soft grin resting on his invisible face.

The crowd turned silent, everyone staring at the grand man with eyes of complete admiration.

"As you all know, we have recently opened a new store, which amazingly, will be stationed throughout the country. Now, we know that there have been many of you who have been working like monkeys, trying to get this business to function. So let's applaud Christopher, who has dedicated hours into this project. Come up friend!" 

The crowd roared, filling the room with utter joy. A sleek man stands, smiling from ear to ear. His perfect family cheers behind him, and many stare wishfully. 

"Thank you John, what a great honor."

"The honor is all mine, Chris." John turned and whispered into Christopher's ear.

"Don't you dare break the deal, or else..." The man's penetrating voice sinked into the frightful mind, welcoming thoughts of uncertainty and complete possibilities.

John turned back to the unmoving crowd and announced his goodbye's before leaving the center. People watched him, like eagles witnessing their victims, they took in his charm and glanced with envy. 

The tall man entered his car and left, a sly smile entering his demonic features. He thought of the great day, and nodded in confirmation. 'Yes, of course' he thought. 'It will be done.'

And so he drove on, and on, until the sound of pure silence entered his closed ears. He removed his jacket, and exited the car solemnly, like he was forced to escape death. The clatter of his shoes echoed past the street, like rain presenting its arrival. Thunder exclaimed and left the man happy. What a truly, great day, he thought.

Seconds passed and he entered the home, screaming the name of unwanted birds. 

The sound of utter mortality rung in the ears of the innocent. A chilling scream, as deafening as the shot of a gun, vibrated throughout the red home. 

The hair of a crystal girl swirled down, showing her most invisible thoughts. 

'Oh, beauty', he thought once again. 

'What happened to your dear, gorgeous head?' The tall man then sobbed furiously like a mad man losing his most precious prize. 

'Good job' the voice announced with a venomous tone. 

He packed her up and left. And just like that, his routine continued, like it never had happened, like the world was just another play toy to fumble with. 

The man laid on his bed now, hugging his love with a daring face. 

"Mr. Karl, have you taken your medicine?" the nurse shook the confused man awake.

"Who are you? Where am I? Where is my goddamn wife? Bring me back!" John demanded as he attempted to unwriggle himself from the restless restraints. 

"Sir, calm down, you must take your medication." He then stayed still, like a tiger observing his prey. 

"Hello nurse, how are you this evening?" His prior expression vanished, erasing any sense of escape or desire.

The man laughed loudly, his lungs filled with putrid air. 

'Good, make them believe you.'

His face immediately stopped, and his schedule resumed.

© 2017 PandaPeaceful

Author's Note

I appreciate feedback! Hope you enjoyed and I apologize for any grammar mistakes.

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I feel like this has a deeper meaning, but I'm too worn out right now to look more into it. This was very well written, though! I enjoyed the read.

I did find one grammar mistake in the beginning: ""Yes, it is gorgeous today." The wife answered" but that's an easy fix.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll fix it right away. :)

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Added on April 25, 2017
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