the Most Human Human

the Most Human Human

A Poem by the Most Human Human

Basically what i'd be like if I embraced all of my desires.

Everyday I wake up and kill my super-villains
Put the cross to sleep, softly, blindfold him.
Then I go off eating diseases and make my millions.
Failed the sex driving test,
Find my decency dining on women.
My table manners couldn't find there way here.
I eat with my hands in your mouth
I still check for monsters under the bed
That's where I found God
Jacking off in the closet
To my childhood obesity
I diet on his only son
He died for the junk food.
He really just wanted me to sleep in his thinning belly. 
Now that I'm older I write my own drugs
Pick my own apples 
Like the ones where the fuckers I hate
Die while they f**k each other
This keeps me erect and I get revenge
I don't wake up in the morning. 
I just fry in bed
That's how my villains died, left underfed. 
I don't feed the sick, I can't cure the poor.
I spend my money on happiness, that's all it's good for
That and everything you can't have
Jesus is a travesty of man
I don't look inside of women
I find dreams, breaking toys.
I look inside their throats, where I find my joy.
I'm in there soaking regrets.
I don't need a God, I can kill people myself.
And just like him I don't feel, we're both robots.
But I'm the most human human to ever race.

© 2012 the Most Human Human

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Author's Note

the Most Human Human
I'm a clean cut kid and i've been to college too!

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Added on August 20, 2012
Last Updated on August 20, 2012
Tags: Human Nature, Acceptance, Denial, Desire, Religion, Repression, Suppression, Rape, Burning Kittens


the Most Human Human
the Most Human Human


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