A Chapter by Questmaster



5 years ago The Dragon Race would wage War Against the World Panora. This world consists of people who are; Fairies that have youthful peach glittery skin with dragonfly wings. Daemons are conscious animals able to speak walking on two legs wearing clothes. Pointy-eared Elves with radiant pink skin and blond hair. Orcs with Husky Green or brown bodies and long underbite fangs. Humans of various skin tones and hair colors. They Had Military, Magic, Mystic and skilled Warriors do bloody battle against the Dragon Army.
Dragneal, King of the Dragons had taken the Elf Golden City. He Sat on the Endless Golden Mountains. Dragneal would get news that his Beloved was kidnapped by the 3 Kings and The President. Dragneal goes to his homeland to face them. He is challenged to a fight with the King of Humans... A Dragonborn. A battle no one will ever forget..Thanks to Camera phones and View Tube.


Dragneal Lost Fair and Square. He has been M.I.A. since...





Lunar Moon Alpha 26 Era 6 2715


9:45 PM


Major Rapids is a sparkling city of three boroughs separated by two large rivers. Moss covered trees standing high next to stone and brick buildings. Groups of small purple cotingas dancing gracefully in the purple sky.  Rumbling of tires on roads. Highways beeping and honking serenading the calm night. Magic Buns and Panora Marts Packed with people and walking Dragons dressed in hip clothing filling carts, cramping registers and eating Magic Burgers, sweating. Or McB's. Signs of a Dragon-Flying with a Red X through them are posted on buildings.The Major Rapids Tavern is just as buzzing. Orc and Human Staff are taking cramped bar orders and clearing clutter tables.



There is a crowd of Fairies and Daemond screaming flashing phones at the stage while an Emo Elf Band is jamming out the amplifiers booming the walls.



There is a tall bronze man wearing a black ski cap with red spiky hair sticking out dressed in a black hoodie. He's scowling piercing gray eyes at the Quest Bulletin board where a Please Register sign hangs above the posts. A large barrel mug of Ale on his table far in the corner. He takes a sip with a scar around his wrist continuing to scowl.



At 3 AM The Major Rapids Tavern is a quiet mess of bottles and mugs as the last survivors of a tipsy time are straggling out. A yellow human woman with a green frizzy ponytail and apron has the name tag Nicole Registration. She is sweeping near The Quest Bulletin Board when she notices a post is missing.

"F****n kids, Yo".she snarls.



Lunar Moon Limi 27 Era 6



12 noon




Zoe is a 5-foot gray mouse Daemon with purple short curly hair wearing light blue nursing scrubs walking into her Loft. A spacious area with a white marble island and kitchen counter. Her messy bed can be seen just up the black staircase. Curtains are drawn over a big bay window just below next to a darkened room under the stairs. Zoe pulls the curtains open shining a beam of sunlight over the couch.  A tan woman with a black cat nose, whiskers, ears and long gray braided hair under a small purple wizard hat is sleeping soundly. She is snuggled under her dazzling I-kiki-Yo-Yo Blanket. She slowly wakes up stretching from under her blanket wearing dazzling I-kiki-Yo-Yo suit pajamas. Her gray tail wiggling. Blinking her sharp green eyes.




"How long is it this time, Nadine?" Asks Zoe. "19 hours, I slept for,”
Nadine yawns. "19 hours. I'm trying to set a new record."


Zoe growls "For what being oblivious?!" She yells.



"No for being innovative. I'll graduate to Magi and be known as the Sleeping Enchantress,"  says Nadine pounding her fist into her hand. She whines in pain.



"You know you have a room." Zoe snarls.



" I haven't unpacked yet." Yawning. "


It's been 2 months!"  Snaps Zoe.


"Relax Zo-Zo, I got you, Yo," Nadine walks into the room next to the stairs. "I'll make some coin and take you to the Chloe Concert tonight," Nadine says walking into a room full of boxes.  She comes out with a towel and toothbrush.


"You always take easy Quests." says sassy Zoe.


"Easy Quests pays momma's bills," Nadine says sassy.


Nadine strolls to the bathroom down the hall.


"Freakin, baby Quests if you ask me." Zoe mumbles.


"What?!" Yells Nadine.


"Freakin, baby Quest if you ask me, Yo!"  yells back Zoe.


"Oh, at least you're honest." Giggles Nadine.


Zoe's P-phone buzzes inside her pocket. She checks the message.


"S**t, they need me for a training session with interns, always broken normal tongue elves."Zoe snarls.


"Oh, My Angel, soooo annoying" Yells Nadine in the shower.


"Girl, you better get them Tickets, yo. I want to dress sexy tonight." Zoe yells while walking out the front door.


9:30 AM


A young Elf boy with blue eyes and pink skin, bushy blond hair is dressed in a white ninja uniform. A black snake on the back of his shirt.  He is walking to Major Rapids Tavern getting behind a long line out the door. Neon-Lit signs Read; Open for Quests and Lunch Only.



He's getting his information card from Nicole behind the Tavern Counter. She is logging his name in the Registration database on a laptop. Name. Kolya Shura. Age 16. Race, Elf. Class, Thief. Rank, C.  Kolya smiles taking the information card. He turns to a long line of Panora people holding quest post huffing with restless legs. A white human man wearing black sunglasses with a blue buzz cut dressed an in a yellow karate suit does a split on a table. Three Fairy girls flapping their wings with glittery skin wearing colorful star robes and blue wizard hats laugh at C and D ranked quests on the bulletin board.


Kolya makes it out of the stuffy Tavern into the humid air. A ray of sunshine in his pink face. The City's Main north road is just before him packed with Vehicles and oddly horse carriages. Horns honking and people screaming. On the sidewalk are groups of Fairies and Large Pigeon Daemons with red t-shirts with the letters LTP on the front holding picket signs. A peach Human woman with short black dreadlocks wearing an LTP shirt shouting before the Fairies and Pigeons. "Royalty needs to pay! Royalty needs to pay."


A short dragon with orange scales in a black business suit bumps passes Kolya. Kolya flicks him off. The dragon turns back. Kolya runs away to the south road intersection. Kolya is going west crossing the street looking both ways. Posters read; Chloe Live are posted all over the bus stop shelter. Koyla sits bobbing his head with his white earbuds in holding his phone alone.



The Track reads; 2 Socks featuring Mo-Gold F3K. "F**k the 3 Kingdoms/we don't really need them/ " 2 Socks Rhymes over a Thumping Hip Pop beat.


"Classic work." Kolya Blurts out.


A White Bus with barbwire on the sides with a large steel shield on the front pulls up to the stop. The windows are bared with cracks. There is a Campaign Poster on the side of the bus. It reads; Everyone needs a Home Blue Brand Party. Senator Oscar Williams.


A Black Gorilla Daemon is the bus driver in a white uniform. A  handgun strapped to his hip. He pulls the lever opening the swinging doors. Kolya hops up the steps swiping his Panora Pass walking down the aisle.  Only a hairy husky Brown Orc man wearing a ripped jacket, wrinkly blue jeans with crusty sock covered feet sleeps on the long seat in the back. Kolya tries to cover his mouth from the moldy urine-steak and cheese scented bus. He sits down opening a window as the bus pulls off.



He then looks into his pouch pulling out a small baby blue powder ball that has a label, dryer sheet...He tosses it behind him puffing into a blue cloud of fresh linen.


"Ay, Man I've been holding my breath for an Hour. Thanks for that." The Bus drivers says.


"No Problem, Yo," Kolya Says pulling out one earbud.


10:30 AM


Gaia Jungle Station.



Gaia Jungle Station is the mid-route station the West/East bus rests at before the last stop at The Travel Port two more hours west. Besides the plaza with a Daily Mart and Taco Depo this part of Gaia is a maze of moss-covered trees, massive palm trees and kaleidoscope roses scattered about.  Chirping mixed with buzzing vibrates the sweltering air making Kolya's pink cheeks drip.


A jaguar in a tree with jaws clinched around the throat of a dead hog. A herd of zebra walks along a dirt path going north. Kolya takes out a purple powder ball with a label repellent, dropping it.  A purple gust surrounds him as he walks through it trudging through thorn bushes not getting scratched. Mosquitoes are falling dead around him.



Trudging through the thick jungle, Kolya makes it to a small village of bamboo huts with cable cords tangled together.  A Sloth Daemon in a stained white-beater injecting a glittery liquid into his arm from a rusty syringe. He slowly falls asleep.


An old wrinkly fairy woman in a red corset making saggy cleavage with white stringy hair is flapping next to Kolya with tea bag eyes.


"Tee-hehe, need a date, baby?"


Kolya just keeps walking. The wrinkly Fairy woman flaps away leaving a trail of glittery dust in the air. Koyla gets to a bamboo shack with boarded-up windows. A glaring hue behind them. He knocks on the door.


A Male Fairy with peach glittery skin and black twists in his hair cracks the bamboo door open. He has bloodshot eyes dressed in a gray dingy pullover hoodie, jeans and scuffed up black and white All Star Sneakers flapping his dragonfly-like wings. The Fairy coughs up a harsh loogy, spitting.  He speaks in a raspy voice. “What up Kolya.”  The Fairy man greets opening the door wider. A slow cloud of smoke oozing out gently smacks Kolya’s nose hairs.


“Dang Sammy ya'll be burning that Fine Grass, Yo,”  Kolya says stepping into the darken shack.


Quiet hop pop music playing in the small space lit by the flashing of the 40-inch flat screen tv. A table behind the couch has an arrangement of semi-automatic weapons and shrink-wrapped bricks of a glittery substance. Standing in front of the TV is a short male Fox Daemon wearing a black bandana and leather jacket with a red pack of cigarets in his arm pocket. He's holding a white controller moving his thumbs with rapid control glued to the screen. A tall husky male green Orc wearing a black hoodie and neat blue jeans sits on the couch staring in complete zen. He has a black bandana around his brown curly hair. A pump action shotgun lays across his lap. The ashtray a graveyard for cigar guts on the TV stand. Kolya walks up to the Fox.


" Ay, what's new Jake?"


Jake pauses the game dapping Kolya's hand and hugging him.


" Ay,' I got some stank Flower form your home village in Cathair Nam Mèirleach." Jake promotes. 


"How did you get out alive, Yo?" Kolya smiles. 


"Green Hornet Ninja Service, Yo." Jakes Answers


"Hey, if you got the coin, why not." Kolya shrugs.


Jake laughs.


"...You should join them, aren't you from a ninja clan?" Jake suggests.


The Orc man stands up gripping his shotgun. 


"A bheil an deich �™ir agad a dh 'fheumainn mi, Kolya?" (Do you have that ten gold you owe me, Kolya?)


"Yeah, I'll smoke a blunt with you, Kevin." Kolya smiles. 



"Tha sin gu math co-fhaireachdainn." (That's a fine collateral.) Kevin says sitting down on the couch.



Sammy is exchanging baggies of glitter for sacks of gold coins from a Lioness Daemon wearing a dust-stained shredded prom dress with a tilted gray curly wig on her head. 




Outside the bamboo shacks in the jungle high in the trees are light brown chimpanzee Daemons dressed in hoodies wearing jeans with knee pads. They have black bandanas around their mouths all with bow and arrow locked.



Major Rapids is a far painted canvas of trees intertwined with stone and brick buildings. The chimpanzees aim at The Sun peaking form just above the city...


A fleet of gray flying squirrels shoots into the air suited in World Police Swat armor wearing little helmets holding tiny batons. They glide high all sawn diving into the Chimpanzees that send a flock of arrows into them.


Squirrels getting impaled with bows dangling down with tounges sticking out. Chimpanzees getting tackled by police squirrels off trees falling down below.



A Skunk Daemon with a black bandana around his head is holding a large bronze bell. He watches the aerial battle above in terror shaking the bell. It dings a shockwave that rumbles the ground. Birds scatter in random flight patterns. A group of black hooded Chimpanzees with handguns drawn surround the Skunk.


They spray high in the sky a sparkling display. Bodies lay mangled, twitching. Police Squirrels tackling chimpanzees from above to the ground. Chimps shoot Squirrels in the head off of chimp allies. Police Squirrels chase chimps beating them with batons...



The Bamboo Shack vibrates with a violent quake smashing the flat screen to the ground. The alarming ding sends ice down spines.  Sammy slams the door pressing his wings to it.


" F**k, it's Squirrel Patrol!"Sammy yells.


Kevin stands up flipping over the couch smashing it into the wall. On the floor is a latch between two wooden doors. Kevin flicks the latch pulling open the doors to underground stairs.


Kolya exchanges with Jake swiftly a sack of gold for a clear baggy of Fine Grass buds. Kevin helps Sammy promptly stuff weapons and bricks of glitter into duffle bags with sacks of gold inside.


Sammy and Jake's group hug Kolya making their way down the underground stairs. Kevin stands in front of  Kolya with two duffle bags on each shoulder holding his shotgun says,


" Tha thu a-nis a 'miannachadh gu bheil mi mì-thoilichte." (You now owe me a blunt.)

" You be safe too, Kevin," Kolya says dropping a clear powder ball disappearing.


Kevin shakes his head walking down the stairs.


11:05 Am


Kolya is running along a vine-covered dirt path using his phone's compass to guide him...



Outside a cave, a tall bronze man with red wild spiky hair sits on a wooden chair.  He is suited in a black sleeveless armor vest wearing black sweatpants. His feet and ankles are warped white worn boxer's tape. Veins  design his toned arms like an organic machine.


He is holding a Major Rapids Tavern Post that reads; Lost Crystal reward 5000 Gold coins. Nothing else, Nothing on the back. A blinking red flash in the corner.  Someone in a long black hooded cloak covering their feet and hands wearing a teddy bear face mask approaches the man sitting in the chair.



A deep distorted voice speaks.


"Do you think that's what you seek, Dragneal?"


Dragneal lifts his head up glaring gray eyes at the cloaked figure.


" If not, I'll just try again."  Dragneal smiles.


"They have a bounty for that post." says the distorted cloaked figure.


"Things really have changed."  Dragneal sighs...


"Watch out for the fool that is coming for it."


The cloaked figure says puffing into a cloud vanishing...


Dragneal blankly stares at the Post.


Three black powder balls fly in his face exploding into a thick black cloud surrounding him.  Black kunai knifves tied to black ropes wrap around Drangneal tying him tight enough forcing him to stand up smashing the wooden chair.  Someone dashes before Dragneal in the thick smoke. It slowly clears.  Kolya stands before Dragneal looking at his information card.


"Ok kid, don't try to escape the ropes have thin razor blades in them. You'll cut yourself."  Kolya says looking at Dragneal squinting his eyes.


Dragneal spreads his arms tearing the ropes to shredded ribbons.



"You're Him- The-The Tyrant. The King of Dragons!" Kolya cries taking a step back.



"Former King of Dragons," Dragneal says picking the post off the ground.


"It doesn't matter your an x-con and a Tavern Post stealer, Yo!"  Kolya says pointing.


" Look I don't want to fight. I just-" Dragneal is cut off.  " Ay, silence. Just give up the post."  Kolya says tossing a black smoke bomb at Dragneal.



Trapped in the smog Dragneal eyes tear up. He can only see black cloud formations. A shadow dashes behind Dragneal trying to snatch the post from his grip. Dragneal pulls free with what he thinks is the post, but a small dynamite sparkling close to his hand.  "You have to be shittin me." Dragneal sighs.



Kolya high in the trees bouncing from tree branch to tree branch breaking a sweat gripping the post.  A massive Explosion behind Kolya raises an orange mushroom cloud over the trees.  Kolya dashing looks back smiling.  As Kolya turns forward he just leans back from a right hook by Dragneal steaming with smoke. As Dragneal is throwing his hook he rolls his body. Kolya glides on his back as Dragneal rolls taking the post with his left-hand falling through the leaves. Kolya Kicks his legs backflipping down.  


Kolya can see Dragneal land on his feet taking off through the jungle. Kolya lands on his feet putting his hand into his pouch with only a baggy of Fine Grass. "Dang I'm out." Kolya panics.


Kolya storms through thorn bushes getting cut ripping his clothes. He makes it to the edge of the west road.


Across the street in front of Gaia Jungle Station is a Bus just leaving going east. Dragneal is sitting in the passager window notices Kolya across the street.  Dragneal sticks up the middle finger as the Bus drives pass towards Major Rapids.


Kolya frowns panting hot jungle air.  Kolya walks in the middle of the road. He pulls out a joint and green lighter from his pocket. He lights it taking a long stride exhaling a ghost of smoke.   "Thought this was easy gold," Kolya says taking another hit...


9:55 AM


East Borough Major Raips Subburs


A young tan Human woman with short pink curly hair wearing a turquoise flower hairclip is sitting in her room. She is at her desk typing on her laptop. The blue carpet has fresh vacuum tracks on it. Her bed is a flowery display of turquoise and white throw pillows under a tightly tucked blanket on the bed. She has brown eyes glued to her screen. She's on a website with the header Namebook. She has a selfie of her with an angelic halo over her head in the top corner of her page.


The Name Shakirat Missy is over her picture. Shakirat is wearing a light blue button-up with her sleeves rolled up her long arms. White letters read "pretty girl" around her collar. Black brackets on her wist and white flower studs in her eyes. A blue and white flowery skirt to her knees with long white stockings snug on her legs.


An unfilled out Application for Gaia University sits on her desk next to her laptop. A message pops up from a white Bunny Daemon with long curly blond hair with a Barbie doll face named Milli Snow.


Milli sends " Do you do think I should date Black guys or Orcs.?"


Shakirat sends a confused emoji.


Milli Snow is typing...



Milli sends "Well, one guy wants to see a Jester show Downtown. The other guy has tickets to the Chloe concert.


Shakirat sends. " Who has the tickets? frowny emoji."


Milli is typing...


Milli sends " A Theif Rat I could just buy them off of, but that Grizzly Bear Daemon is sooo cute! XOXO heart eyes emoji.


Shakirat sends. "Aww is that Lance Harper form biology class?" laughing tears emoji.  Milli is Typing...


Milli sends. "Yeahhhhhhh." blushy face emoji.


Shakirat sends.  "Go with him."


Milli is Typing...


Someone is watching Shakirat from the crack of her door...


A tan little Human girl wearing a Chloe Live t-shirt and silver pants with long pink curly hair rushes inside Shakirat's room pulling her chair back. Shakirat falls back smacking her head.


" I got you!" The little girl says.


"Ow! Nicki what is wrong with you?!" Shakirat cries holding the back of her head.


" I know you are what am I?" Nicki taunts.


" Now I'm not bringing you anything from the concert," Shakirat says getting up.


"Blasphemy, you don't have tickets. The Chloe concert has been sold out years ago." Nicki yells.


"You stupid little kid, it was sold out weeks ago. Besides, you don't even know your days and months." Shakirat says crossing her arms smirking.


" Yes, I do! The first day is Deli.  Then Gamma. Then Seli. Then Kali. Then Alpha. Then Limi. Then Sillio,"  Nicki yells.


" Wrong, its Deli, Seli, Then Gamma, Kali, Alpha, Limi, Sillio. " Shakirat sasses.



" No, it's not, you ugly lair," Nicki screams.


"How many months?" Shakirat asks.


"That's easy, like 365," answers Nicki.


"Oh My Angel, 13 months. Do you even know what planet this is?" Shakirat smacks her head.


" Um, Gaia duh."  sasses Nicki.

" No you fool, Panora is our planet and Gaia is our Country. Do you even know what year it is, you fool!?" Shakirat stresses.

"2019 you ugly Orc!"  Yells Nicki .

" It's 2715,  How did you ever pass the third grade?" Shakirat smacks her head. 


" Ha, I cheated."  Nicki drops a clear powder ball disappearing.


"Mom! Nicki is using smoke bombs in my room again!" Shakirat screams.


"Nicki!" a loud mature woman's voice has bravado through the blue townhouse...


Major Rapids Tavern back parking lot


10:25 AM


Shakirat sits behind the wheel of a white sedan with pink spray paint on the windows that reads; Congratulations Class #307. On the bumper is a sliver HMV logo. New 28 day tags.  A text message chimes inside the quiet parked car.  Shakirat picks up her ruby incrusted P-Phone in the cup holder next to her. She then swipes the screen.

A new message form Vilma is at the top of her Flowery screen saver. She clicks the message.


Vilma sends, "Did you submit your app yet?"


Shakirat sends. "No, just been busy."


She puts her phone in the glove box. She gets outs of the sedan.  A muffled chime comes from the glove box as she shuts the driver side door.


She walks through unevenly parked vehicles towards the back entrance of the Tavern.  A group of skinny Brown Orc teens is skateboarding. Some loitering against the stone wall of the Tavern near the entrance smoking joints.


Shakirat is walking pass them when an Orc dressed in a yellow Allstar T-shirt wearing a cap on backward approaches her.


"Ay, cootie I goot dat stank flowerr."  He says with broken Normal Tongue.


"No, thank you. I like my brain cells." Shakirat sasses on her way into the Tavern...



West Borough Major Rapids District X Housing

12:46 AM


Kolya limps his way into Major Rapids. The streets are full of dusty human kids running around without shoes. The janky makeshift project buildings are cramped displaying a pattern of World Police eviction notices in windows and on doors.  Kolya staggers to the bus stop with ripped down Chloe Live posters. He pulls his phone out of his pocket looking at a smashed screen.  He sighs...


A  white male Wolf Daemon wearing a clean red flannel shirt sporting khakis is standing on the corner of the street. A lady Gazel Daemon wearing a hoodie covering her baggy eyes and crusty mouth walks up to the Wolf.  She puts out her hand. The Wolf shakes her hand walking away. She looks into her hand grinning strolling up the street. A World Police Curser Drives past Kolya slowly.  He doesn't pay it no mind. This is how the westside was.


Kolya Notices Someone Catching a cab from an Orc up the street...


Dragneal gets into the cab. Kolya sneaks into an ally watching the Cab drive towards Downtown Major Rapids.


Kolya rushes to the river splashing in. He starts swimming towards the Northern Borough...


12:15 AM


Downtown Major Rapids.

Nadine is dressed in a jean All-Star jacket that exposes her snug black All-Star sports bra squeezing her massive bust. She is walking in slim light blue jeans wearing black All Star sneakers. A small blue wizard hat over her gray braids. A star clustered backpack with a bright wooden wand sticking out on her back.  She walks up the sidewalk to the Major Rapids Tavern.


A K-9 Daemon in Police uniform is walking towards Nadine.


" Hey aren't you Gloria Cat's daughter?" He asks.


Nadine frowns.


" No, you're mistaking me for someone else," Nadine grumbles as she walks past the World Police Officer...


Once inside she is greeted by everyone there, " Hey cat nap!"  They all shout. Nadine grins walking to the Bar. "Nicole, is it Happy Hour yet?" Nadine slams a sack of gold on the table.  Shakirat is sitting at a table with a glass of water reading a thick book. On the page it reads; Class Registration. Classes; Mystic, Magic, Military, Warrior, and Rouge. 


Nadine notices Shakirat reading. Shakirat looks up.  Nadine acts like she was watching the tv playing high behind Shakirat of World Police Squrriels arresting Chimpanzees...  Nadine grabs the barrel of Ale sliding towards her taking a glump.  Shakirat goes back to reading flipping a page. Nadine glances at Shakirat seeing a blue aura around her...


1 PM


Kolya follows Dragneal to the city park downtown into a wide forest.  Kolya loses Dragneal in the brush.


"Hey, over here." a voice says.


Koyla follows it. In the middle of the forest, Dragneal is hanging from a tree tied up. The post on the ground under him.


"Ha, you stupid fool, Yo!"


Kolya says dashing then crashing into an invisible wall.


Dragneal easily comes untied flipping to his feet laughing.

"Ha-ha, that's a Manna shield bomb I picked up at Panora Mart. Man, you people have all types of new items." Dragneal boasts.


"Panora Mart is the number one spot all your groceries and questing needs," Kolya says holding his nose that isn't bleeding.


" But forget you, Yo!, I'm gonna get one and bind you." Kolya runs off.



"I'll be here, the label says it lasts an hour," Dragneal yells.


Kolya is the head of a long line of Humans, Elves and Orcs waiting to use the ATM just outside the Major Rapids Tavern. The screen is an animated Elf saying insufficient funds.


"Hey buddy you’re  Broke." says old human lady behind Kolya...


1:30 PM


Kolya slumps into the Tavern with his head down. Shakirat is reading the class registration book on the page about Crusaders. Crusaders are the 4th level of the Mystic class. They use Shine, Faith, and Courage to manifest their Angelic armor and Shine Heavy Sword said to be made of an Angles clear spine. 



Nadine is dancing and wiggling spilling her two barrels of Ale. Her tail holding a third full barrel.  Guys are trying to avoid her trying not to get Ale on them.


"Hey come on dance with me,"


Nadine whines taking a sloppy drink form her barrels dripping ale on her cleavage. "What a waste." someone mumbles.


Nadine squints her angry green eyes.


"All that talent." someone else mumbles. "


Nadine just rolls her eyes dancing spilling Ale.


Kolya notices a star cluster backpack with a wand sticking out on a vacant table.


His hands get sweaty. His senses tighten as he slowly inches closer to the bag.  A strange sensation burns in Shakirat's chest. She looks up seeing a thick black formless energy inside Kolya.


"AHHHH!" Shakirat screams.


The people in the Tavern are alarmed looking in the direction of Kolya taking the wand making a break for the door.


"Hey stop that's stealing!" Shakirat yells.


Nadine rushes past the table swiping her bag jolting out the door.  Shakirat runs after Nadine clicking her light blue pumps.


1:45 PM


Kolya is running panting hard with a good pace dashing through incoming traffic.


"Slow-Mo!" Nadine yells.


Magic circles appear under traffic slowing down the cars to a lack of motion. Nadine rushes across the street. Shakirat tailing behind.


Kolya Sprinting through the park making his way to the forest.


Shakirat catches up to Nadine running in light blue stiletto pumps.


"Girl, how you running in those shoes, Yo," Nadine says panting.


" I was the captain of the track team in high school," Shakirat replies speeding up.


They can see Kolya dashing into the forest up ahead.


"That punk took your wand." Shakirat cries.


"Um, not my wand. I'm holding it for someone." Nadine blushes.


Kolya sprints into the forest looking back.


"Damn these chicks are fast," Kolya says smashing into Dragneal's abdomen.


The wand flips into the air falling as Dragneal catches it.


Kolya holds his nose now dripping red.


"Dang, Yo thought you said an hour," Kolya complains.


" It's cheap magic," Dragneal says.



Shakirat and Nadine come to a dust scrapping holt as they notice who is standing before Kolya.


" You're The-The tyrant." Nadine cries as she slowly steps back.


Shakirat gets behind Nadine. Her legs trembling.

" Yes, I'm Dragneal, Former King of Dragons." Dragneal smiles.


"You should be dead!" Shakirat screams.


"You have some nerve showing your face," Nadine says.

"Look I don't want any trouble, I'm just trying to find someone to help me go here." Dragneal pulls out the Post.


Nadine reads it.

"So, are you registered?" She asks


"What? Oh, nooooo... look, kids, I'm not that kind of guy.  I know there is a revealing photo out there of me kissing a fairy woman. She was like 4000 years old."  Dragneal explains.


" Wait, what...Oh, My Angel, not a registered sex offender! Registered for a Class, Yo."  Nadine says.


"Hahahahahah... No, I'm not. Dragneal answers.


Nadine smacks her head.Ok

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