Current state of mind#4

Current state of mind#4

A Poem by Panzi Tino

Current State Of Mind #4

Some of us never realize the true value of life till that tragic moment that flash before you when you're in a tube with the light at the end of the tunnel some people will never understand the struggle of standing for what you believe in or dying for it most people would rather take advantage feeding of your misfortune I came to terms with reality this society and community filled with people dragging me down i've got to lift myself up if i don't do it than who will i got the will power and the power of will embracing and perfecting my skill expressing what I feel my art is a reflection of my mind my deepest thoughts expressed in pen and paper pad and finger I write like a soulful singer humanitarian at heart I don't believe in war for peace guns don't speak but drive fear into the hearts tearing families apart the devil's son had 7 heart transplants depopulation that's the cause and destruction you can't replace a life got a N***a ducking and diving avoiding policemen cause in the street's your life's no certain can't trust justice systems nor the workers we all human If I smoke so can the next man if I'm an undercover crime boss so can the next man if I can kill so can the next man see what I'm getting at how can i trust the president he could probably just be another slick talking con man feeding of his own men lets not pretend like corruption isn't a big thing in any state and constitutional structure placed amongst us rules created by men to weaken us follow your own path live for go you or die a fool cruel sphere planet earth

© 2017 Panzi Tino

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Added on September 15, 2017
Last Updated on September 15, 2017


Panzi Tino
Panzi Tino

Dubai, Sharja, United Arab Emirates

I'm a Namibian poet with a dynamic view of the world Rebel minded I write about true values of life I love to explore and diverse my self in different cultures..... more..

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