Current state of mind#3

Current state of mind#3

A Poem by Panzi Tino

Current state of mind#3

I guess at times It feels like the world comes crushing on your shoulder like everything is over like you got no luck like an ordinary clover you’d rather be alone finding your inner peace or falling in deep, deep in depression smiling with everybody so they don't ask questions  and you won't have to mention the reasons you're lost in a different dimension like a kid stuck in detention acting hard and cool your w  grown man not a young fool psychologist apparently help I say apparently cause I've been to a few in my life didn't change s**t just the fees that went up fooling my mums like s**t was changing maybe it's my mindset  from a very young age that knows this world was set 2 f**k us all we got 2 learn 2 be smarter human psychology we don't trust people we don't grow up with give us a reason 2 fight we'll start a civil war if it means protecting what we think is right I guess 80% of us aren't so bright cause tell me why is they still war why do we remain broke crime don't pay unless you're a politician by this point your think I'm off topic  this poem has no name it's just my current state of mind why man is so stupid  and blind why we blame s**t around us for our misfortune bills you can't pay are most likely from s**t you don't need or caused by s**t u didn't need but have,now you're contemplating on how to feed your babies in a day an age where women stop breastfeeding after 2 months start using the powdered milk in stores that's why this generation is tiny and small minded maybe not cause of the milk in tins but the enslavement of artificial s**t that empower the rich but you on minimum wage you could never board a plane without having to sweat and save this s***s insane with a mind set off the anonymous u might actually be able to change your ways well most of us never reach our full potential fantasy and dreams that we never work for stuck in our mind cause ya’'ll to busy with modern day bullshit like time wasted on tv time wasted in streets you need to get s**t straight trapped on the streets that paid your way 2 rocking Js but that plays on our innocents I've never been innocents but I'd never plead guilty like ghost in city power hungry and greedy money lust and envy they is no pure endings screwed the youth now look how we look

© 2017 Panzi Tino

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Added on September 15, 2017
Last Updated on September 15, 2017


Panzi Tino
Panzi Tino

Dubai, Sharja, United Arab Emirates

I'm a Namibian poet with a dynamic view of the world Rebel minded I write about true values of life I love to explore and diverse my self in different cultures..... more..

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