A Poem by Panzi Tino


I’m from Africa the motherland I’m from Africa where we have open lands yet we don’t really own it so many are closed minded and blinded by the media we rip diamonds from the earth and sell them abroad in huge pots and buy them back in smaller pots for much more I’m from Africa which they call the 3rd world, they send man made diseases and sell us cues I’m from Africa where the last kings were slaughtered and their wives and kids were tortured I’m from Africa where we made peace with the people that enslaved us and yet today they do the same thing just in a different way who creates the drugs our young man sell to the youth who can actually tell us the truth is it rude to question our elders or our political leaders no man wants to live in fear everybody remembers what happened in Libya a country that provided 1/3 of the world’s oil I bet they build pipelines under their soil that lead straight to 1st world countries were like honey bees who make all the honey and 1st world countries make all the money from our honey I’m from Africa where I believe true knowledge was build where we didn’t need expensive medicine, with so many side effects these are facts that so many ignore I’m from Africa where we read about xenophobia aren’t we supposed to build each other yet we’re busy killing  each other does it add up this is my generation I believe we can build a better nation I’m from Africa where Boko Haram kills in Nigeria are we under a spell or are we bidding farewell and evolving into a new age another empire I wouldn’t know cause this world is full of liars it seems every man is out there for their own desires is one enough to inspire the world to change like our lost heroes that spoke before me I’m from Africa the motherland

© 2017 Panzi Tino

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Added on September 19, 2017
Last Updated on September 19, 2017


Panzi Tino
Panzi Tino

Dubai, Sharja, United Arab Emirates

I'm a Namibian poet with a dynamic view of the world Rebel minded I write about true values of life I love to explore and diverse my self in different cultures..... more..

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A Story by Panzi Tino