Sleeping Namibia

Sleeping Namibia

A Poem by Panzi Tino

Event that transpire in Namibia's economy and communities



Maybe it's just me but how the hell they steal N$200 million dollars SME ya’ll were kidding me right another N$40 million for the state house don't it sound like we bankrupt arresting people for unpaid TV license F**k that's ridicules who got arrested when they couldn't pay tax back Namibia is an independent country how on earth do we still use South African Rands to this day and age Politically free i understand economically enslaved we don't have our own brands Every front page of the Namibian has an article involving money missing maybe as Namibian citizens were 2 peaceful or were easily fooled by those empower has the greed blinded those empower to the fact that they really don't care anyone living in a rural area can relate how long it takes to get to work and not be late how is one to live of minimum wage and pay for university that coast a Hilux bakkie each year and not resort to crime in a brainwashed generation selling drugs is a hobby while minister spend our wealth in hotel lobbies our youth is getting drunk and doing drugs choppcies escaping the harsh reality the government act like they do us favor in actual fact the government works for the people big contracts worth more than N$800 million go to foreign companies because we haven't trained our own what do we own not our diamonds not our uranium we couldn't continue with the textile industry we use the halls for shows and classes don't get me wrong I’m not saying it's wrong were in 2018 who still naive enough to believe in vision 2030 knowledge is power what about the children in the east, south where we have low pass rates high pregnancies some of our people are still living in the 90s our agriculture is 1 of the best things why do we still import goods from SA 80% South African made that's our economy from the sugar in our tea to the electricity we use to see but we still blind and can’t see we need to give our people the opportunities to study what's needed to develop our country send them overseas open their minds and when they come back they won't be a reason to lack skills not just for the rich or the 30 smart kids this generation is heading down the drain BullShit invested in their brain maybe there's a better way at this rate i just wonder whether we’ll see better days I'm 22 what do I know I’m a born free if this freedom than what is slavery maybe we should resurrect Namibian who died for the false independence i can hear my ancestors calling they didn’t die for modern slavery they died so we could see greener grass live better lives but poverty breeds the worst and the best in humans being hungry living in shacks we want our land back like the blacks in Zimbabwe im not racist not a realist impossible is just an obstacle seeing what genocide did blood in my eyes yet now we act like tribalism doesn’t exist if that true how’d Vino get rich so fast political leaders dancing with the devil committing evil deeds to feed a cynical need why they water that seed is still a mystery traded our freedom for stability our freedom for safety but they don't trust their own system because their breeds don’t go through this s**t probly partying or in rehab and i'm not saying it's all of them cause some have hearts but shutting up and letting s**t slide isn’t me I wish real truth was told but only crap is sold 2 the media to confuse us sleeping pills in our reality with a million snooze buttons in case of clarity Sleeping Namibia please wake up we're dying a slow death think of this while enjoy your breakfast



© 2018 Panzi Tino

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I had trouble reading this long piece without any punctuation. Was there a reason you did that? Some point you are making? Because I don't think you're getting through. I'll bet that a lot of people click on it, take one look, and leave,because that big block of writing is, frankly, somewhat intimidating.

That's too bad, too, because I put the punctuation in (mentally), and if you put the proper punctuation in, this would be a powerful piece.

Posted 2 Years Ago

my suggestion-comment below is the same as i wrote for your 'LIVING AREA' poem.

it's not an easy read without punctuation.
can i be bold & suggest that - if you choose not to use punctuation then write each separate phrase/or sentence on a new line.
it may make the story/poem long but the whole writing will have more impact & be an easier read.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on February 21, 2018
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Panzi Tino
Panzi Tino

Dubai, Sharja, United Arab Emirates

I'm a Namibian poet with a dynamic view of the world Rebel minded I write about true values of life I love to explore and diverse my self in different cultures..... more..

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