A Chapter by Alex

I looked at Charlotte again. She was smiling at the human with an expression only I understood.

"Charlotte you know how this will end don't you?" I whispered ever so quietly, only our vampire ears could hear.

"Come on ,Xanthe let's have a little fun. Besides, there are no witnesses this time..." She said, with a huge evil grin on her face.

"Whatever". I rolled my eyes at her and walked away. I simply could't steal again. And much less from a human!

I walked home...Remembering about my past days as a human... Everything was much simpler, and besides, I looked normal. Oh, I had beautiful greyishblue eyes, pink lips, and I had a really nice looking tanned skin tone. Now I look like a Barbie doll...

Not that I didn't like being a vampire, I sure loved the speed, the sight, the beauty and the extra ability I possed... But there was just a part of me that wanted to be a human again.

I walked to my car and looked at the horizon. I could see the beautiful Twilight setting in and  the birds flying across the sky.

I sighed. Dang sunlight. My skin sparkled like a cave full of little tiny diamonds. I quickly opened the door and drove to Lewis' house.



© 2010 Alex

Author's Note

Plese ignore grammar, spelling or any other mistake,
I know this was really really short, but I'm really busy now... But do not worry, there is new chapter comming soon :)

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Added on May 10, 2010
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I'm Alessandra. But call me Alex. I'm 13 now and I love RONALD WEASLEY!! OMG FORGET TWILIGHT SCREW DA VAMPS! I WANT MA GINGER MAN! Here are some facts about me that probably don't matter to an.. more..

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