Figment of The Imagination

Figment of The Imagination

A Story by Parrish

I've gone crazy. I have a figment of my imagination following me around, telling me he's my Prince Charming. It started out like daydreams...but now...he's following me, and only I can see him.


I think I’ve gone insane, but...he's so real. He’s the realest thing I have sometimes. He'll hold me, and whisper in my ears how much he loves me, how much he wants to make me happy then, when I turn around to see him, he'll be gone. And other times I'll be able to see him. He'll smile and kisses me, pushing me to the bed...and, mid-kiss, he'll disappear, leaving me cold and lonely in my bed. Am I crazy? Or just some teenager who's created a prince charming in her mind that has become almost an obsession? I don’t know.


I think his name is Damien. It’s sexy and seems to perfectly fit him. I like his hair. I always go crazy over hair. His was a color I didn’t think was actually possible. It was black, but seemed almost blue. And his eyes...god they were sexy. Foam green. Was that even possible? He is a figment of my imagination so I guess it doesn’t matter. 


I sighed, and ran a hand through my bleached blond hair, twisting one of the red highlights around my index finger. 'I wonder...if I told someone about him, would I be institutionalized?' Maybe it was for the best? I could be dangerous. I’m not sure if hallucinating about a sexy guy could make me dangerous but you never know. Maybe I’m over thinking this. It’s probably a phase that'll pass.


I stood up and stretched, then walked to my bathroom. I popped in my left contact, and spent five minutes cussing out the right one before it went in. After some rapid blinking, I put some eye shadow on and brushed and straightened my hair. I dressed and skipped down the stairs.


"Daddy, I’m ready to go to school!"


"Okay." My dad set his coffee cup down and we walked out to his truck. I love my dad. He was a great dad. He was raising me and my siblings all on his own, since my mom wasn’t much of a parent.


My school was a huge, half mile wide school just around the corner. It was obsessively large, but I’m sure I'll be thinking otherwise when there are more that sophomores and fishies (or freshmen for the staff). I hopped out of the truck after telling my dad goodbye, and walked inside.  My school had much too much purple in it. I hate purple. I even refuse to buy school shirts or hoodies I hate purple so much. I own one shirt and that because it’s the Art Club shirt and had an Indiana Jones reference on it. Who wouldn’t buy that?


I blinked as my contacted blurred, stopping in the hallway. "F**k...why is it being weird?" I murmured.


"You okay, Perish?" God...who was talking to me? I know way too many people. How can someone as humanity hating as me be such a social butterfly?


"Yeah, just my contact," I shut my eyes, and rubbed my temple.


"Lemme help," They leaned down and kissed my eyelids. I jumped back and stared at the stranger, my contacts no longer blurring.


"What the hell!? I don’t even know you!" I exclaimed.


"Yes you do. You created me." He smiled. "I’m Damien." I stared at him a moment.

“Your real cute, dude. Now, serious, who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Damien. You created me.”

“No I didn't.” I walked past him, biting the side of my lip. How did this nutcase know about that? I didn’t tell a soul about my recent hallucinations, especially not some guy I’ve never meet before in my life! But...he didn't look like..I shook my head.

“You’re so cute when you bite your lip like that.” He pointed out, walking next to me.

“You’re insane.”

“I’m only as sane as you want me to be.” He reached down and tried to take my hand. I flinched away.

“I’m gonna count to five. If you don’t stop, I will get my knife obsessed friend, and have him shank you.”

“I can take him.” He leaned down, “I mean, he’s only a mortal.” His foam green eyes glowed faintly, and he got a devious smirk.

“I…I’m…I have been mind fucked. How’d you get your contacts to do that?” I exclaimed, staring into his eyes.

“They’re not contacts. You should know that. You created me.”

“Why are you so caught up on something that isn’t true! I don’t even have a character named Damien.”

“Of course not. I’m not a character. I’m your Prince Charming. Or…well, I guess I’m not much of a Prince Charming since you can’t stand those types…”

I groaned.

“Perish, are you okay?” Someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw my best friend, looking concerned.

“I’m fine, Morgan. Just this a*****e won’t leave me alone.” I motioned to ‘Damien’.

“Um…Perish…there isn’t anyone there…”

© 2011 Parrish

Author's Note

SO this is short. The next chapter will be longer, but what do you think? (and don't kill me for any grammar mistakes.)

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soooo interesting I wanna read more, it sounds totally like my kind of book, can't wait for the next chapter :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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