Morning Thoughts

Morning Thoughts

A Poem by PatrickPink

More hospital themed writing, because it tends to be a focus of mine at the moment

First thought:
Hangover from hell
Some furry creature must have taken up residence on my tongue for the night
Cause I'm coughing hairballs from a mouth dryer than a nuns knickers.

Second thought:
Where the f**k is my phone??
Scrabbling through alien bedsheets for the precious broken brick
                Wait a minute.
I'm not at home.
My leg is held in place two inches above eye level.
I can hear garbled nonsense coming from somewhere in the distance but it's too bright and I can't see clearly

Third thought:
A question
Hardens and pings around inside my skull pulverising the tender nerve endings
One I've asked myself a few times before
But only after the best parties

       How the hell did I get here?

The cast answers my question.
The morning sun is cruel,
I'm offered painkillers but ask for water
Because my body has made a poor effort at detoxifying me so far and could do with a helping hand.
Despair as I am refused
In case they figure out a way to knit me back together and have me home for tea.

Revelations come thick and fast as my head begins to recover. The sallow, ancient figure opposite me, mumbling to his daughter in his sleep, hooked up to a hundred beeping sensors that offer a metronome to his exhausted, abstract poetry
Neutral colours, whites and greens, locking windows, an enormous curtain waiting to shield me from view, a cardboard sock (god knows what that's for) and my swollen toes, mocking me from the end of the bed, purple with rage, glaring at me ferociously on account of the stupid mistakes that put me here.
I know where I am.

Final thought (as I'm gently fed an unfamiliar liquid, for the pain):
Oh, f**k.

© 2019 PatrickPink

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This is hilarious oml I love it😂

Posted 2 Years Ago

You made me howl with laughter at the final line of the first stanza, those dry knickers may well be holier than thou dear poet! Love the confusion with a good night out and the way you carefully peel back the bedsheets to reveal the sordid truth of the affair!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on February 7, 2019
Last Updated on February 7, 2019
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Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

I have motivation issues more..