Reviewing and Rating ..

Reviewing and Rating ..

A Story by Chloe..Across the Universe

This is not top writing material.. i think it was because people like to discuss and be heard and give their opinions of this establishment


I just read all the top writing. I gave each piece a rating of 100 because the writing was good and deserved a 100 in my opinion. I hope I did not knock anyone from their spot .. I didn't mean to if i did.
I just read a tongue-in-cheek story about knocking people from top writer by rating low.. now you would think if the writing is at the top people are not rating it low , so it must be pretty good.. so to go and deliberatley rate a good poem or stroy low for your own good or just out of spite is so wrong!
I do hope this sort of thing stops .. please, let this Cafe be a haven for all , like it was when i first joined almost a year ago.

Being hateful to others and saying ugly things about them, spreading rumors , how childish is this?
Very! Yet people do it all the time .. why? Drama is for TV .. but of course some of us have it in our lives.. but why carry it here where we come to try and get away from it? Man, my life could be a hit Soap! I am so sorry for so many of my friends on this site who have been victims of black-ball ratings, lies and rumors and spite.. I hope it ends.

I have read some reviews that say some of the people on here kiss a*s and act fake..I want you all to know I mean every word i say.. I was not accused of this , it just struck me that some may think of me as such as i do go on and on about peace and love and how great the writers are.. I MEAN EVERY WORD OF IT. IT AND I AM NOT FAKING IT .. I  do feel love for all , we all do live on the same planet, share the same air .. here there wherever we are connected... And love is easier than hate and being nice is just how i was taught to behave .. and I love you all here, there everywhere.. I said on seeing pictures of Saddam Hussein when he was imprisoned wearing only boxers and looking so awful, sad and defeated.. i said I kind of feel sorry for him and people asked me how could i feel sorry for him.. i thought and i don't  know ... it is just me .. I am glad he was taken out of power and not able to harm anyone again.. So what's wrong with me? He was a monster in so many ways .. well, enough on trying to analyse this .. I just wanted to say a few things ..

I also want everyone who has read anything I wrote that I appreciate it and you.. sometimes lately i can't get around to return the review.. I hope i can get back to each of you who read my last poem i wrote, Chasing and all the other writings you may have reviewed.

So let me say something so cliche .. in the word's of Rodney King..." Why can't we all just get along"? Or was it "Can't we all just get along"? Either or means the same.

Love and respect and peace to all who read this.

© 2008 Chloe..Across the Universe

Author's Note

Chloe..Across the Universe
just wanted to say thanks to all who read my writing and a few other things.. like maybe people thinking my words are not the true me .. words on reviews and in groups and messages and all that and because a friend of mine here has felt the sting of people's crap too many times! and does not deserve it!
And because i am tierd of my friends telling me their rating is knocked down by jealous people or those who want their's to go to top spot .. as for this being top writing it is not worthy.. it is there i think because people want to give their opinions and be heard too .. but no, this is not top writing however
I left the rating open as people need to read this i do think ..really though it is not a
review type of writing. And thank the Lord this went off the top writing .. !!!

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Finding myself falling victim to this more and more as of lately I am left to wonder way. I have nor would I ever attack someone else's work. I though seem to attract the personal attacks. It especially bothers me when a person speaks all nice about your work and then trashs you in the rating just to knock you down or something. It seems that there are other writers that have their friends or other people attack you to make sure you do not do it to them. I don't really care about the top spot stuff as it just seem to allure more attacks on you. But if it makes someone feel special to knock someone down go ahead. I will not do it to you but just remember Krama is a b***h and when she comes around you will know it for sure. Thanks for writing this as I was in a pissy mood after this just happened to me after you reviewed my piece someone else struck. LOL Oh well

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I've known you as long as I've been here. You are one of the kindest writers I know. When you've been here as long as we have. . . well, I guess we've seen about everything. But we stay, because we know the value of the cafe.

Good write.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Good vent unfortunatly it wont change a thing, envy rules. We don'y embrace others talents with respect, greed fuels us, I rate all with 100 wether good or bad. I try to review each piece I open. My favors aren't return, but it's okay, the few true friends who's opinions I respect and axiously await to hear from validates my writing.

I also feel that Rodney King said it best and have expressed that on this site and was condemed for the comment. But those simple words Can't we all just get along are a goal to obtain, not just here on the cafe but in our daily lives.

Posted 13 Years Ago

such a stupid thing, to rate low to bump someone down. why shouldn't they be up there if they are good. if a person works to improve their own writing, maybe one day they will be rightfully up there, but until then, they should rate based on the quality. So yes i agree with you =) and i hope you get your message out to those who need to be told this.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I just had to comment again on this piece. I just read Robert's review and he stated my feelings to a "T"! Thanks to Robert if he reads this...When I signed up at the Cafe we didn't have all of the Drama-or at least, I never involved myself in it, but it seems to have gotten worse as of late. I still won't involve myself in it. As far as I am concerned, it is nothing but a waste of time. I am on this sight to write and review, period. When the slander and the rumors wind up, we have to ask ourselves two questions? Why did it start and who are the main culprits? Sometimes it is nothing more than jealousy. Some people get their jollies from slandering and starting rumors...neither are usually true. Karma or "What goes around comes around" is part of life. People get exactly what they dish out and in the long run it doesn't hurt anyone but themselves. We will reap what we sow. Some people don't have anything better to do than to down grade others, and to be honest, I am saddened for them that their lives don't amount to any more than that. Must be miserable to have to spend time down grading others to elevate themselves. What a sad and meager existance...

I am with you. I am here to encourage and to spread kindness and love throughout the cafe. It is obvious who the tried and true ones are. At the same time, you can spot a fake a mile away.

The ratings really don't matter when it gets right down to it, but I think it's childish and juvenile to trash other people's out of jealousy. Again, what goes around comes around.

Thank you for being you and seeing through the fascade that people are trying to portray to trash others.
Love you, girl! Keep on doing what you do best! Hugs, Carole

Posted 13 Years Ago

i havent been to this site in a while, and find it disheartening to hear that this sort of thing goes on here also...i just recenly left a site where the exact same thing was going on, and i was a really hurt being told that my poetry was s---, without helpful or specific advice or comment, when most of my poems had only gotten good reviews and good ratings for the most part...but to be accused of trading good reviews/ratings for the same with my friends on the site who write wonderful poems really was upsetting...not to mention the messages i received attacking me personally, and then when my friends tried to come to my defense, they also had their poems trashed....about 6 of them are now settled here, and i am searching around for them...i didnt want to come back here at first after the fiasco in the winter where all the poems got wiped out...about 20 of mine...i am posted on a couple of other sites, too, where things are much stricter, and there are many less readers of my work, but much more critique, which i find helpful...i am not a technical only education of poetry has come from reading and writing....when i critique a poem, i base it on rhyme, rhythm, images, metaphors, grammar, spelling and how the poem makes me feel overall...and on that other site, where a tecnically meaningful critique in certain forums wasnt mandatory, i would usually give a short pinion and rating, which was also a point my harasser(s) pointed out...this person or persons reviewed under numerous fake accounts after i had blocked each successive new name that went thru countless of my poems (i had almost 100 of them posted since November)giving the lowest rating possible, thus bringing down my overall ratng from reviewing me...i also was paranoid that some of the accounts were by older members, perhaps moderators or other "friends" who truly DIDNT like my wok...

Admin did little about all of this, so i took all my poems off the site...i go back to review, and maybe one day will post here and there, but for the most part, my 5 year affiliation with them has been soured forever....

so i thought i'd poke around here a bit, check out my friends list and their stuff, and post a few things...glad to find you here, still on top, and writing meaningful poems as well as commentary...i did the same on that other site about all the drama, but for the most part, it was ignored, as well i was accused of being if i didnt have the right!!

yes...lets all just play nice with our poems and get along...

Posted 13 Years Ago

I look forward to reading more of your work! Personally, I never look at ratings, I just enjoy being here on WC with friends!


Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I am glad you spoke up! Respect deserved for this write! I know the situation you are speaking of. It's an unfair thing and hard to do anything about. Kudos!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I've only just come to the Cafe so I really have no idea whats going on right now. But it's just a writing site, does drama really need to be created here? I mean, we have enough drama in our own lives to be able to pursue our writing dreams and be creative with our own imaginations, we're just posting our work to be viewed, and rated.

I do feel a bit sorry for these victims that are targets of being sabotaged, it is sad who ever is doing this to someone. But in reality, we should just be writing and not worry about anyone else.

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

we all do live on the same planet, share the same air .. here there wherever we are connected... And love is easier than hate and being nice is just how i was taught to behave

Oh Chloe, you couldn't be more right when you wrote that and I know for some reason some people in our little community are being victimized just because of jealousy of others, which I personally think is so sad. Most of us here worked hard to get the "title" of top writer or even just to get their work on the top writing page.

What some may or may not realize is that being a top - anything meant hours, days and months of writing, improving and reviewing. It just doesn't fall out of the sky in the first week that you are on the site, I know that was the case with me. So why should anyone else be any different?

Just really ticks me off to know that there actually is people like that in our little community, we come here to escape and find a little peace, like you said leave the drama for some place or someone else. Just like most of the people here, I am completely honest and very truthful with my reviews and don't expect anything less from anybody else on this site.

So I tend to agree with Robert, Karma is a b***h and all those in question will feel her wrath sometime or another.
Well, I guess I will have to go or else I would carry on for ages on this subject. I am glad you wrote this my friend, maybe by some miracle this would make them see what a dangerous game they are really playing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

There will always be people with a foolish agenda. There will always be those unable to handle the stress in their own life without hurting innocent people... even strangers. Our innocence will be lost if we find and lose love, set and fail at goals, face the death of those close to us, face ourselves realistically, commit an act we are ashamed of, hold a grudge without forgiveness, hold a parent or sibling or a child at a distance until they are gone, fall victim to a stupid crime or accident. After that, we should begin to mature to a more Zen approach to life. Unfortunately, there are many on this site that are babies in the real world with unsuppressed anger to vent.
I want to help these people, but rarely feel motivated to stick my nose into their sad business.
Chloe, you should just let it roll off. I can see you are a goal setter and desire to win and be the best. You are the best. ust accept the bullies as part of life.

I love you,

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Chloe..Across the Universe
Chloe..Across the Universe

Smalltown, USA, AR

Sometimes i feel like an alien in a strange land..can you relate? I love people and friends are just that to me , friends-if you request me as a friend it would be nice if you read something I have .. more..


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