A Poem by Chloe..Across the Universe

just what it is


joint custody
every other Christmas
what used to be home.....

death is waiting
Cancer calling

Her childrren
will be their

Tears fall
they don't help
if only...

She hugs her pillow
waiting for angel's wings
she will look after them
from Heaven

She wishes there was
one do-over
just one ...

© 2008 Chloe..Across the Universe

Author's Note

Chloe..Across the Universe
saw a movie thought of this

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Chloe this is heartbreaking...
you've captured that emotion very well!

It took me back to when my kids
were little and gave me a feeling
of momentary panic... as if I were in
the moment .... WOW!

This is a horribly sad reality for many..

I'm very touched by this piece.

Exceptionally done!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Sad but emotions I am sure that any Mother facing this awful word Cancer could perhaps not express as eloquently as you have spoken for her. Beautiful

Posted 13 Years Ago

What a heart wrenching moive that must have been as you took the theme out of it and pierced this reader's mind with the regrets and choices in this life. Inspiring to not waste the miracle that this life is! Thanks for the eye opener!~

Posted 13 Years Ago

You have captured the emotion all too well. A sadly wonderful piece. Made me think how my mother must have thought when cancer took her a few months back.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Cancer has touched my life a little too close..perhaps MANY of us. The sentiments here I can get....but the emotion it creates I resist, because I resist letting go of anyone close. These are part of the concerns though.....nicely put. And stop that...about you are a bad writer. This is a craft people can learn. Creating the emotion however, creating haunting images? We cannot... ;-)

Posted 13 Years Ago

perfect. brief but effective. i'll still be thinking of this later...

Posted 13 Years Ago

really touching work my friend... I don't know how i would feel if I knew I was dying but I can see how it would change your whole perspective on ho you live and question what you have done. Beautiful work as always.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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This is wonderfully written my friend..

Love the imagery

Posted 13 Years Ago

Even though you didn't out right say it, this poem speaks "Tragedy" and hoplessness. I can't even begin to fathom the utter loneliness this individual feels.

You have captured a painful moment, with such ease.

I have to assume the first word was mispelled on purpose for effect.

Very nice!
Infinity's Shadow

Posted 13 Years Ago

Impressive in its simplicity. I like how you tell a long story in a few short lines. You capture the essence of an entire life struggle. Very well done.

Posted 13 Years Ago

it really made me think how innumerable the possibilities are of something really tragic happening to my children if i croaked (if i had children). it was a scary thought, but i don't think i can fully appreciate it without actually having children of my own. i just don't know what its like to be a parent and have the little thing depending on me at all times, tugging at my life, puking on my shoes, pissing in the mattress. don't get me wrong: kids are great. they make me feel young and fun and stupid. but i'm not sure i'm the best candidate for that kind of responsibility. at least i admit it. more parents should have done do.
still, this was truly sad. almost too sad.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Chloe..Across the Universe
Chloe..Across the Universe

Smalltown, USA, AR

Sometimes i feel like an alien in a strange land..can you relate? I love people and friends are just that to me , friends-if you request me as a friend it would be nice if you read something I have .. more..


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