Stop Shaking

Stop Shaking

A Poem by Chloe..Across the Universe

In memory of all who lost their lives a year ago in a horror called a tsunami in Japan ... Please don't forget... still much healing needed there. Thank you.

Mother why are you shaking
Have we frightened you
Did we dig too deep-hurt you
Take your resources for granted

Are you angry
Have you given up on us

You hold us in your bosom
I know we forget many times
That you have all the power
That you can do much harm

We forget until the next time
When you show us 
As you belched shaking Japan
To the core
Swallowing her people

They are buried alive
Dead -dying 
Crying tears looking
Searching for kin , friends

Catastrophic- radiation
Food and water-shortage
Electricity - without 
Bleeding inside out

If I hold your hand will you 
Please, stop shaking
Could you
Would you please
Hold my hand 
Believe me never again 
Will I take you for granted

Please take hold of my hand
Stop shaking 

© 2012 Chloe..Across the Universe

Author's Note

Chloe..Across the Universe
had to write something about this it is on my mind
my thoughts are in Japan my eyes cry as i watch the people
the children being tested for radiation contamination
worried people looking for loved ones
hanging on for dear life
Still for the most they stand , stoic and brave it seems
is this the beginning of more terror for Japan and the world?

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Sometimes when you mess with mother nature there are extreme consequences to those actions. The destruction that can be cause by nature alone is huge and detrimental many times to those who are affected by its power. So much happened over there and ruined and changed so many lives. Makes you think differently about having nuclear power plants doesn't ?

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Incredibly soul touching, wonderfully and powerfully written. Well done.

Posted 12 Years Ago

heart you described the earth quake...i wish too that mother stops shaking.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is absolutely heart wrenching love! A beautifully expressed piece, I cannot fathom what they are going through, such loss of life, cannot be put into words easily, this is WOW! Beautiful! xx

Posted 12 Years Ago

Yea no s**t... I've seen the videos its really sad whats going on in Japan. I wish it doesn't happen to no other country. Such circumstances are really bad.
Nice dedication.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I haven't found the words yet to express what happened to Japan and the people who live there. I am impressed with how they are handling this, the pose of the people there is amazing and spiritual to me. Your poem is unique in how you address this, it is like we have the power to love and heal the world even when the world is swallowing us up. Beautiful heartfelt poetry!

Posted 12 Years Ago

it was heartbreaking to watch the videos,as it is to read this hat goes off to you for reminding me of the pain so many others suffer today and the pain we cause the very ground we walk upon and take for granted,that it will always hold firm...too many people walk on slippery ground as it is,then there was the shaking...I hope people will use this as a wake up call,I did...LonelySoul

Posted 12 Years Ago

Excellent work ! It took a few stanzas before I caught on...
Chloe u have always had a heart for others ... It always shines through !
It is simply incredible ... Completely devastating
A reminder To cherish n be grateful .

Posted 12 Years Ago

Our mother in pain,I wish mankind could pull together with out it.
to care about humanity, Earth and Life.
less ME,ME,ME,MORE US,US,US, we are on a tiny little speck together
wake up! wake up! before we are dust...

Posted 12 Years Ago

"had to write something " And so you wrote something very good..for forever (as if I could understand the concept) humans have pleaded as you have to mother, for mercy. That plead is eloquently described in this heartfelt poem.

"Could you
Would you please
Hold my hand "

She cannot hold your hand..she does not care if you are happy or sad..she is indifferent..but she has provided something else that will. The answer is in this poem, as to what it is? is your readers, who must hold out their hands, and offer hugs...let me be the first to offer..touch your you have touched our hearts with words....I am here, and so are others ...ahh see, now you can "stop shaking.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Chloe..Across the Universe
Chloe..Across the Universe

Smalltown, USA, AR

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