A Poem by Paul Bell

What’s wrong girl life getting you down

The burden of it all

Not like the old days when life was easy

We had it all

Now it’s all responsibility

Work and sleep

Do you know something

I can't remember the last time I saw you naked

Can’t remember the last time we had fun

Why don't we have a weekend away

What do you say

Life's too short to work it all away

What do you say

Let's just do it

Get away

It really is peaceful here

You choose well

Brought your favourite flowers

If I’m not too busy

I’ll pop back next week

Clean your headstone

Maybe the week after

Too much on next week

Do you know

Someday I’m just going to give it up

This is no kind of life

Can’t remember the last time I saw you

Did we have fun

That weekend

You went away

I was working.

© 2016 Paul Bell

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Paul Bell,
Oh my, is this a a tribute to a now gone loved one?
You have relayed the regret for time allowed
to pass with a minimum of memories built
because responsibilities,work and duty
took center stage.A few lines which many of
us should think on and I am sure we do.
'We had it all
Now it's all responsibility
work and sleep'
'Why don't we have a weekend away?
What do you say?"
The question then hangs in the air for the next line says...
'It really is peaceful here.
You really choose well
Brought your favorite flowers.'
Two lines later;
'Clean your headstone'
Then I see the brittle answer to to much work
and a lost loved one.
'did we have fun
That weekend
You went away
I was working.'
It is good to look back and learn. Let us
learn to see the beauty and also learn.

Posted 6 Days Ago

Paul Bell

6 Days Ago

I think we all lead two lives. The work and home. Work seems to become the main priority these days,.. read more
Kathy Van Kurin

6 Days Ago

You are right on with your view. Life is simply a moment by moment walk but gosh it can zip by! Then.. read more
I think I'm here...I'm pretty sure...but I wish you were there(the old days, not the grave. I'm getting kinda partial to your poetry..OK .. ok &maybe your humor)...recognition and redo(s) are the best but they only come at certain spots...I gotta get on the ball. I'm about to miss mine. Hope you find one soon..just keep swimming...just keep swimming.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Paul Bell

2 Years Ago

Oh Queenie, swimming into the abyss. You never know what you'll find. But what a roller coaster. lol
This is mind-blowing on so many levels. It's a good thing I just took my first couple puffs of the day with cup of coffee #2 . . . so I can hopefully do this justice. The first third or so, I was so drawn in by the comparison between life becoming drab & how it used to be so spontaneously fun. This was throwing me into waves of nostalgia but the direction of your piece changes and now we're going out, gonna have some fun for the first time in a long time. I'm so ready for it by the time I read the first third. Your gentle urging is so irresistible, I'd just about go anywhere with you at this point. That's why it was such a slap to get to the point where we realize where we're really going & what all this really means. Talk about taking your reader on an emotional roller coaster! I was feeling my rice cake against my tonsils for a minute there. The last third or so kinda calms back down to match the opening "blah-blah-blah" recital of everyday cares & intentions, so realistic to many areas of our acquaintances, not just about visiting a beloved's grave. This is a brilliant magic carpet ride.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Paul Bell

3 Years Ago

Why did you tell me you were puffing and drinking coffee. Used to love doing that.
Take it w.. read more
I read that poem as the 'girl' being in fact 'leisure' with a big, bright R.I.P on her. To the point as usual, Paul!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Paul Bell

3 Years Ago

Afraid so Marina. Time waits for no woman.

3 Years Ago

ahahaha, don't let that comment leak out of here please :')
We dream our lives away, when we should be living our dreams. We live on pause, thinking there will be more time for all that stuff later, but no one knows their sell by date. Maybe we all need to chase that dream a little harder now, while we still have the strength to. Great piece Paul.

Posted 3 Years Ago

we can work our fingers to the bone, and in the end we will just be bones lying in a grave, wishing we had use those bones for more leisure....some just put that off for later...and then when later comes, they are no longer around.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Paul Bell

3 Years Ago

I know, there never seems to be a happy medium.
When we let every day responsibilities take all of the joy out of living...what is there to live for. Valentine

Posted 3 Years Ago

Paul Bell

3 Years Ago

Yes leisure is so important.

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Paul Bell
Paul Bell

I like poetry and stories that tell me something. Sometimes the shortest poems hit the hardest. If I post something serious, don't worry, a funny poem will follow. Don't hesitate to tell me if my po.. more..


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