The 13th Dimension. Part 1.

The 13th Dimension. Part 1.

A Story by Paul Bell

The interview was at two o’clock, the position she had worked so hard to get and the position she was going to get. The only thing standing in her way was now walking towards her. John Banks. He joined the company four years ago and had somehow managed rapid promotion and near cult status, or at least cult status with the airheads in the company.

Afternoon Sarah, big day for you today.

Are you agreeing I’ve got the job, because that doesn’t sound like you at all?

Oh, I’m after a job, just not the one being offered today.

He was trying to unsettle her, psych her out, but it just wasn’t happening, she had worked to damn hard to get this position. So what position do you think you’re getting then, John.?

Have you ever heard of the 13th Dimension, Sarah.?

No, is it some trendy bar you frequent.

Let me explain it to you in a simple way. Imagine the pendulum in a grandfather clock swinging left to right. Now, the pendulum can only reach a certain point before it has to swing back, do you agree.

Yes, that seems quite straightforward.

Now, the 13th dimension the space in between the two axis points of the pendulum, the powerhouse, controlling all never giving way, but this can change.  Just at that point they’re summoned into the boardroom.

The board sat almost impassively as the chairman began his speech on the position at hand and why it was so difficult choosing the right candidate, but before he could finish his sentence, John stood up and congratulated Sarah on the job she deserved and would be great at. He then turned to the board and told them his rightful position was on the board.

There isn’t a position on the board the chairman explained, and the position that was on offer you appear to have relinquished to Miss Peters. John began to walk up and down the room, then he turned to address the board. In the four years I’ve been at this company I’ve brought on board ten new clients, that equates to six billion dollars in new business. Now, I know you’re all busy people, so I’m going to pop across the road to the bar, where I’m either going to start my own company or maybe just walk along the road apiece and apply for a job.

The board were completely speechless. The chairman thanked Sarah for her time and told her she would be announced later on in the day.

Sarah left to her office in total bewilderment. What the hell just happened there, she had just been given the ultimate job, and now she wasn’t sure she wanted it. She kept thinking back to John's weird analogy and what it actually meant. She needed a drink, there was a bar across the road. He was sitting at the table with two drinks, like he knew she would appear. Do believe you drink Vodka and coke if I’m not mistaken.

What’s going on John, what the hell was that all about.

I never fully explained the 13th Dimension to you, did I.

No, but if it gets you thrown out of the company it really is pretty irrelevant wouldn’t you say.

It’s quite strange in a way, take you for instance, you practically hate me, and yet you’re here, and later on we’ll sleep together, don’t you find that strange.

Did the 13th Dimension say you were deluded.

The space in between the pendulum is not the true power. The true power is the point of the axis left and right. Just like in the room, left and right.

I still don’t get it, it seems to me the power are still sitting exactly where they’ve always sat.

What client would you say was the jewel in the crown in this city.

That would be Sharps, but they never move, they’re like pillars embedded deep into the earth's core.

What if they did move.

Well, the person who got them to move sure would have a lot of sway, but they would need someone full time and a separate team to run that account.

They would Sarah, and that person has just been put in place.

Are you saying you’ve got the Sharps account?

I’m going home now, Sarah, when they call you in later you tell them we’ve been working together to bring the Sharps account over to us.

What, you just can’t go home you need to get over there and tell them.

The power is swinging to you, Sarah, advise them wisely.

I’ll need to come to your house afterwards, this is cataclysmic I can almost feel the rush already.

You sure you want to come to my house.

I’m not sure of anything, this has been the weirdest day of my life, but there has to be a conclusion and if the 13th dimension works the way you say, then the pendulum stops with me, would that be correct.

That would be correct, Sarah.

I better get back then, there are empires to build.

Sarah was brought back into the boardroom to be presented with the prestigious position of head of corporate affairs.

How do you feel, Sarah.

To be truthful sir, this job is actually irrelevant at the moment. I’ve been working alongside John Banks to bring the Sharps account over to us. It’s at a delicate stage, but we believe we have it.

There was a strange silence in the room as the board of directors  began to shuffle and actually take on board what she had said.

Did you say, the Sharps account.

Yes sir, naturally discussions like this have to be low-key, you know to build up trust. My god, she never realised how proficient she was at lying. We’ve been working on this for a while now and things began to move rather quickly in the last few days.

Right, Sarah, I think we’re all in a bit of shock. Do you think we could reconvene here say tomorrow morning at eleven, would that be okay with you, and naturally Mr Banks as well?

Yes Sir, that would be fine. My god, I’m not sure my nose will go through the door now. She wouldn’t go straight to Johns house, a change of clothes were needed and a bit of thinking along the way. She just began to realise they actually worked closer than she thought. Furthermore, she did all the groundwork on the clients, he closed the deals. Every time a deal was completed she would receive a handwritten letter thanking her. Strangely enough, she kept every letter. She arrived just after seven.

He could see she had something on her mind. You look worried, Sarah.

This isn’t going to happen, I realised it on the way here, there is no way we can run the Sharps account and do you know why.

No, but I think you’re going to tell me. 

I’ll tell you alright. Minor league teams do not take over major league teams.

Yes, I know.

So, it was all about your ego, that’s why you sent me in there, just to humiliate me. The great John Banks just couldn’t cope with a woman rising above him.

To tell you the truth, Sarah, the great John Banks will be asking you for a job tomorrow. 

Just tell me something, did you just make up the Sharps account.

No, Sarah, we’ve both been working for Mr’s Sharp. Me for the last four years, you for the last two. 

You have completely lost me. I know Mrs Sharp must be married to old man Sharp I just don’t know how I managed to get on her payroll. 

The green energy concept you presented to the board two years ago, do you remember it.

Oh, I remember it alright, the board laughed me out of the room.

Mrs Sharp didn’t laugh at you, she put your concept into motion.

I don’t understand. Old man Sharp runs that company, and as far I know Mrs Sharp isn’t even on the board of directors.

That is correct, Sarah, Mrs Sharp has never set foot in the building. 

I’m missing something here, this 13th dimension, is this what this is all about. How are you and Mrs Sharp connected.

© 2021 Paul Bell

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Intrigue in corporate America..... the story is crazy cute, but a lot of sweet talking or as we say double talking... in any case John didn’t want Sarah to be one up on him, so he made up this idea of partnership to present to the board to get a big client, lying their way through this whole deal. But Sarah isn’t stupid and soon caught on to John’s shpeal the end she gives him a doozie .....
Funny and complicated story with this 13th dimension which again is double talking and she caught on....very well done!
Best, B

Posted 1 Day Ago

Paul Bell

12 Hours Ago

You could do part two for me, since I've lost track with it.
Betty Hermelee

11 Hours Ago

Couldn’t duplicate your humor; you’re just too clever for me!
I was surprised at first because of the lack of punctuation. I love the mystery and corporate intrigue. It is what I would call a true brain-teaser. I really like it. I am eager to follow the story, no matter where it goes. Right now I feel somewhat like a kite flying, yet staying in one spot because the string is caught on a tree branch. A soon as part two arrives, I will be free to soar once again. Congrats on a job well done.

Posted 3 Days Ago

Paul Bell

1 Day Ago

Forgot there was a part 2, and I would have to write it, hate that. lol
Happy Easter! This is some of your best writing. You have totally nailed the snippy snappy corporate lingo in a unique & popping way, always pushing your ditties a little further into the 13th dimension than the rest of us. This one has a bunch of moments when the head snaps becuz of the unexpected shift in direction or emphasis .. . . all this meant in a very good way. Fun read. I like cliff-hangers, so it doesn't really matter if you ever get to part 2 (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Week Ago

Paul Bell

6 Days Ago

Oh yeah, part 2. This is why I admire you, Margie, you would have part 2 written by now. 2022 me thi.. read more

5 Days Ago

Now that spring is here, I am sorely tempted to abandon this huge book project, but as you predict, .. read more
A very interesting premise, Paul. The 13th dimension? It all sounds very Twilight Zone-ish, as does the fact that Mr. Banks seems to be one step ahead of the rest. You have kept this reader interested to seek out the next part of this tale. Edge of the seat writing!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Paul Bell

1 Month Ago

I think the 13th dimension is me in lockdown. Now I need a part 2 now. lol. I could subcontract that.. read more
In corporate terms, lying gets you everywhere!
My brain is in overdrive! John Banks! He is Mr. or Mrs. Sharp! One of them he has to be!
Oh. What a brain twister this is! My cortices are hammered.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Paul Bell

1 Month Ago

Unhammer your cortices and get started on part 2

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