Wedding Blues.

Wedding Blues.

A Poem by Paul Bell

Jenny realised on her big day

Walking down the aisle

She was still in love with Ray

It was a hot day in May

The Groom was heard to say

The best man didn’t hear a thing 

He just kept touching the ring

The Priest was a worldly Joe

But even he didn’t know

The events to take place

When the bride began to slow

The Groom turned to see

His wife to be

Rose-coloured eyes

Just blinded the disguise

The Priest looked at the best man

Guilt written in bold

He had this awful feeling

How this was going to unfold

The bride stopped and turned around

Headed for the door

Never glancing back

This time she was sure

Ray touched the ring for the final time

Passing it to the Groom

Walking up the aisle

Totally over the moon.

The Groom was in total shock

The Priest stood bemused

The best man's girlfriend

Realised she had been used.

They met outside

Love was in the air

Or would have been

Had the girlfriend not shot the pair.

© 2021 Paul Bell

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Yikes. Not the best of wedding days :)

Posted 1 Week Ago

Paul Bell

6 Days Ago

Didn't even get my present back.
definitely solved that little issue and helped somewhat with crowd control.
There's a solution for every problem

Posted 2 Months Ago

Paul Bell

2 Months Ago

The world is a bit over populated.
Who! Love the bold surprise ending. ~Sharon

Posted 2 Months Ago

Paul Bell

2 Months Ago

I sort of liked it myself.
Wow wasn’t expecting the ending
Like a short story in a poem
Loved this a lot

Posted 2 Months Ago

Paul Bell

2 Months Ago

She was an angry girl.
Interesting poem, I enjoyed it!

Posted 2 Months Ago

Paul Bell

2 Months Ago

Thanks, Jung Lee.
A great twist at the end, some how you know something is going amuck, it is the perfect setup, well done Paul, you always have the perfect touch!
The only downside, all that money spent on the event! Oh well happens all the time!
Best, B

Posted 2 Months Ago

Paul Bell

2 Months Ago

Used the money for a giant piss-up.
Betty Hermelee

2 Months Ago

What the H....????
What a great twist....
Lots of leftover food and drink at the reception that wasn' it for the double funeral.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Paul Bell

2 Months Ago

It's like a win, win.

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Paul Bell
Paul Bell

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