Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Emily Pazienza

“Where is he!?" Whined Charlotte, stamping her foot and leaning her head against Max's shoulder as he threw his arm around her. "Oh, and f y information, if he bails, we're not paying for you."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever. He'll show. His high school just gets out later than ours." I responded sipping on my strawberry smoothie (and I don’t care if it sounds all fruity and girly; they taste good).
I glanced over at Max and Char, smiling at how different they were from each other, yet how perfect. He had short black hair with bangs that swept over his left eye. His eyes were deep brown that they almost looked black, which rivaled Char's bright blue eyes. Along with the three piercings on his right ear, he had two spider bites, a tongue piercing and an eyebrow ring. He was fairly tall, about 6' 2", and a right wing player for the town's hockey team. He was strong and very fit, and had a six pack. I knew this for a fact cause he, along with most of our other guy friendslike the d****e he is, refused to wear a shirt while not in public. For now, he was wearing a black Blood On The Dance Floor band tee, which contrasted with Char's bright neon-colored Bring Me The Horizon tee. We were all really into band clothing at the time.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Jeydon taking a seat beside me.
"Hey, babe." He greeted me while leaning down and kissing me on the forehead.
A few days after meeting him at the beach, he had called and asked me out and we had been dating for a few weeks. Turns out, he lives in Windsor, a town just a few miles north of where we live, Santa Rosa, CA. Also, it turns out, he's not a sophomore like me, Char and Max (even thought he should be a junior, cause he was held back a year). He's a Senior. 17. I was only 16 but, age doesn't really matter.
"Didn't think you would show. Oh, and we ordered you a cappuccino." Char tapped the coffee cup in front of our seat.
"Thanks." He replied, sipping his coffee, smirking; "And why, exactly, wouldn't I show?"
"Well maybe you finally wised up and dumped our girl over here- OUCH!" I slapped Max, annoyed but not at all surprised by his insulting attitude. He was the one in the group who acted like a big brother; incredibly annoying and irritating but you gotta love him.
I rolled eyes and then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I hear Darren Criss break out into "Bills Bills Bills". At first I was startled but then I remembered I had set it as the ringtone for my cellular. I apologized as I glanced at the number on the screen. Freezing and stiffly excusing myself, I ran to the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop. I answered and walked down the sidewalk to the left as, then turned and walked back. I had a habit of pacing while talking.
"Hello?" I answered, half expecting this to be an unfortunate pocket-dial or even a prank call.
"Hey" the voice answered on the other end, making my heart stop.
I held my breath; expecting the worst, once again.
"We.." he started very hesitantly. He took a drew in a big gulp of air and then let it out, breathing his words out in a rush. Almost as though he didn’t want to lose his nerve. "We need to meet. Tomorrow. 11 AM, at 'Moxie Java'."
My heart literally skipped a beat. It was racing so hard I thought I might pass out.
"Okay." I replied, my voice shaking, before my brain registered that I actually had his ear for now. "WAIT! I-"
"I'll explain everything tomorrow." he replied, his voice soft. "I'm sorry."
"Wait!" I yelled into the receiver end of my cellular.
Then, I heard a clicked and checked the screen. Yepp, he had hung up. I stamped my foot in frustration, and stopped back to our usual table outside of the local Starbucks. As soon as I sat down, I noticed everyone was looking at me. Then it occurred to me that they had heard my anger and yelling, and they had seen my frustration.
"What was that all about?" asked Charlotte with a questioning gaze.
"Well... If you must know..." I bit my lip, took a deep breath, and straight out lied, "I have to go into Rohnert Park and pick up some things for my mom tomorrow. Parents. Whatcha gonna do?"
I shrugged to make my testimony realistic. From the look of understanding on everyone’s face, they bought it. This was perfect. I had a cover up to my embarrassing cellular performance, and I wouldn't have to make excuses for not being around tomorrow. I mentally high fived myself.
"So, did you hear?" Max started "Max Green is gonna be touring with the band!"
"Awesome! He's over his addiction?" Char exclaimed. "Wait! Isn't Escape The Fate playing in Sacramento in October? We should all-"
I started to zone out and didn't participate in their discussion about plans to see fall shows. So preoccupied that I didn't even join in when hopes that Fall Out Boy would get back together and make music like they used to surfaced. My mind was too preoccupied. With thoughts of the previous conversation. With thoughts of tomorrow.

© 2012 Emily Pazienza

Author's Note

Emily Pazienza
Ehh... idk i may re-write a lot of this cause I think my writing has changed.... I'm still not sure if I should continue this or not... All that I'm uploading is from almost a year ago and all i had written was up to half of chapter 6...

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Emily Pazienza
Emily Pazienza


**Well... I have returned.... I haven't been on here for almost a year xDD but i have decided to start to get more dedicated to my writing... so im back xDD woo!** Heyyy everyone! My name is Emily .. more..

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