Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Emily Pazienza

A drink was thrust into my hands and I looked down at it. I assumed that none of my friends wanted to rape me so I didn't think there would be anything extra added to it. I shrugged and took a swig of the drink and almost gagged at it. I started coughing and the cup was yanked out of my hands. I felt someone pounding on my back as I coughed.
"What WAS that?" I managed to choke out.
Jeydon removed his hand from my back once I managed to catch my breath. I looked up to see Char laughing and Max with the usual smirk of his face. I had been expecting a mixture of beer or something. But that drink defiantly had vodka in it. I'm not a wimp, I just wasn’t expecting it.
"Smirnoff and Red Bull" Max answered, still quite amused.
"What?" mocked Char, "Too strong for ya?"
I snickered at her and grabbed the cup from Jeydon's hands. The liquid came up about half of the way in the red plastic cup. I brought it up to my lips and downed it in one gulp. I squashed the cup at threw it at Char's head. Jeydon looked at me like I had just lit my head on fire, and Char looked pretty amazed at what I had just done. Only Max seemed impressed.
"What up, Quinne!" Max exclaimed, using my last name, which he only did when he was impressed. Or mocking me.
Even though I had been expecting it this time, it still hit me like an electric shock. The back of my throat burned and once the mixture made its way to my stomach, it suddenly hit me that maybe, an energy drink and vodka wasn't the BEST idea. I put one hand to my head and the other on Jeydon's shoulder to steady myself.
"Ugg! Someone just get me a beer!" I groaned
Jeydon chuckled as he pushed me down onto the couch behind us. Char said she'd get me some water. Max was the only sensible one, handing me a bottle of Heineken beer which i gladly took a swig of. Having a 'normal' alcoholic drink in my stomach made it feel less queasy. I swung my legs over the arm of the couch and laid down on the cushions.
"Well she won the contest for being the first one drunk." Jeydon continued chuckling.
"I'm not drunk!" I argued. I felt my head begin to spin and then added, "Not yet, anyway."
"Give it two minutes." Max called from the corner of the room where he was fiddling with a stereo as I took a large gulp from the beer bottle.
The radio turned on and I heard Char squeal in delight. Jeydon groaned and Max was grimacing as he tried to get the iPod hooked up. Once my almost-drunk brain recognized the song, my stomach lurched, and it had nothing to do with the alcohol I’d already consumed. The song was Baby. By Justin Bieber. I downed a large chunk of beer with a grown on my face. I felt so happy to hear his wonderful voice, but when I looked up at Jeydon, I was filled with guilt. Even though Justin and I had decided to see each other, I still hadn't broken up with Jeydon. It was stupid, I know, but I just couldn't do it. Sure, there was a connection with Justin that had never sparked with Jeydon, but that didn't mean I didn't CARE about him. The thing was, I didn't want to break up with Jeydon. But, I didn't want to tell Justin that I couldn't see him, either. Also, if I broke up with Jeydon and then broke up with Justin, Jeydon wouldn't take me back. He would assume he was just the rebound guy. Which, in a sense, he was. I put my hand on my head and groaned. Too much thinking for my, now fully, drunk brain as i looked down at my already nearly empty beer bottle. I was scared nearly senseless as the pop-sounding song of Justin's was replaced with the post-hardcore sound of the Black Veil Brides. 
"YES! GOT IT!" Max exclaimed, obviously overjoyed that Bieber's voice was replaced with Andy Six's.
Char voiced her complaint, but when she walked over to the stereo, Max pushed her into the armchair behind them. He cranked the volume up and fell down on the couch cushion next to mine. He checked his watch and sighed. I was about to question him about his action when I heard the doorbell ring. I looked, questioningly up at him, and he looked away, sheepishly.
"I, uh, kinda invited some other people. They asked if they could bring guests and now," he looked back, this time smiling his usual cocky smile (we call it the Max smile), "It's kinda a party. All of our friends said they were coming. I dunno who else, but most of them are bringing others."
He took a swig of the Guinness bottle in his hand and stood up. I shook my head at him. It may be his house, but he really should think before making plans. Or, as is always the case with him, throwing parties. He's not the kind of person who loves getting drunk; he's just a party animal. Which is weird considering how much he hates crowds. He's almost as much of a party animal as-
"That's probably Aaron." Max guessed, crossing the room.
"He probably just wants a head start at getting drunk." Char replied. Max and I laughed, nodding our heads in agreement.
"Well," I added "It's not a party without him!"
Aaron. My Ex-Boyfriend. Now, the thing about breakups is that most people say they will 'still be friends'. 99% of the time, that doesn't work out. Me and Aaron are that 1%. Yes. We're friends. We were before we dated, and we still are. It was hard to believe that he ever hung out with us, let alone date me, and continue to stay friends with us after I dumped him. I mean, he was tall, like 6' 3", ripped, hot, and not to mention the QB for the schools  football team. If he wanted to, he could be the most popular kid in school; 'king of the Jocks'. But, no. He continued to hang out with our 'creepy loser emo friends', as we are called by most of the 'cool' kids. Out of all of us, he was the craziest party-animal. He was seriously always drunk!
"Speak of the devil" I heard Max exclaim from the entryway.
"WOOOO! LET"S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!" contrary to our beliefs, Aaron was drunk even BEFORE he got there.
Throughout the night, more people wandered in and we ended up with about 50 people crowded into Max's average-sized house. I was thankful that I had actually worn something decent tonight, instead of just sweats and a hoodie, like I always wear when hanging out at night. All clothing looks the same when you’re drunk. I had been wearing red skinnies, and a white fitted tee with a cute cartoon-y black dinosaur printed on it. Along with that, I had a bunch of bracelets up my right arm and a few on my left, along with a bunch of various silver necklaces hanging over the dino. Thank god I hadn’t just thrown on my jb shirt and my juicy couture sweatpants. I would've been labeled a poser for life.
The party was pretty lively, with Max and Aaron hyping it up multitues above the normal parties of ours. We even played spin the bottle once everyone was pretty wasted. The guys agreed to same-sex making out cause they all did the math and determined that it was worth kissing another dude just to see to 'hot chicks' making out. Even though I was at my usual 'stop drinking or your gonna get a stellar hangover' point before even Aaron got there, I continued to drink. The night was pretty much a haze. Max had said that anyone was welcome to stay if they were too drunk to drive, and that he is not liable if you get in a car with, or are someone who is drunk. He, also, said that bedrooms were open, too. At that point, I was pretty wasted so when Jeydon looked over at me, I nodded and we headed upstairs.
I'm only 16, and I'm not a s**t so, no. I haven't had sex before. That doesn't mean I can't sleep  with Jeydon. And when I say 'sleep with' I mean, your both sleeping in the same bed. I just feel safe with him. Now Jeydon, he's a senior. I haven't questioned him about it. I don't need to know. We have been to lots of crazy Max-Aaron parties, and we normally get too drunk or tired to drive, so we normally just spend the night in the guest room. Tonight, we had the same plan.
"UGGHH!" I groaned, falling onto the bed. "I'm shoooooo wayshted!"
Jeydon chuckled and shut the door, locking it so no one would wake us up. I looked up at him and he was wearing that cocky Max-smile that didn't belong to him. It looked cute on him though. 
On a whim, I decided to get up and kiss him. He kissed me back. Hard. It was sloppy kiss due to our drunkeness. I threw my arms around his back to steady myself and he put his hands on my waist. It continued and developed into sort of making out, and then to full-frontal snogging. I was sucking on his top lip, groping it like a fish. He was doing the same right back. As we continued, he turned me and pushed me up against the wall. With hands still at my hips, he broke away, and nuzzled his face into my neck. I breathed out a moan as his experienced mouth knew just what to do. Biting and abusing the skin on my neck as to be sure to leave a mark. Eventualy, his lips traveled back up to mine and the snogging continued. I removed my hands from around his neck and brought them to the hem of his shirt. I snaked my fingers underneath and travelled them up, feeling his strong sculpted abs. I felt him playing with the hem of MY shirt and, remembering that I had a tank top on underneath, I let him slide my top off, as I discarded his. I felt him tug me in the direction of the bed, and, once his hand touched the bare skin just below my tank top, I came to my senses.
I pushed him away as fast and abruptly as I could, trying to catch my breath. I stared at him, unable to believe what had just happened, or what could have happened.
"Look, Jeydon. I know you're a senior, but I'm only 16 and I... I... I just can't." he opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him off. "I'm sorry."
Then, I rushed out of the room, grabbing my shirt as I ran out the door and down the hallway. At the foot of the stairs, I heard Max beckoning me over, and by the time I reached the front door, Jeydon was already calling my name. I didn't look back. I just couldn't talk to him or even look at him right now. Once outside, I started walking. Not in any particular direction, but in 30 minutes, I realized that my feet had taken me home. I climbed the tree next to my window, not wanting to disturb my parents so late at night. Or early in the morning. By then, I had no sense of time. The tree climbing was extra difficult due to the fact that I was, in fact, completely drunk, but muscle memory  from when I was sober (or, at least, semi-sober) kicked in. Once in my bedroom, I collapsed on my bed, and fell asleep immediatly. My cheeks were still wet from the trails of tears caused by the night.

© 2012 Emily Pazienza

Author's Note

Emily Pazienza
Okayyyy so this is the last full chapter I have written.... Not sure if I should continue or not....

Oh and, also.. .I would love advice on the like making out scenes.... 'cause I'm only 15 and never even kissed someone xDD I don't really know if it sounds realistic or not..

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