Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Emily Pazienza

"And maybe we'll be in the same classes!" squealed Alexis excitedly. I could hardly keep back a groan of displeasure at the thought. "COME ON! It would be fun! We can take notes and we could study together. OH! And sneak boys into the girls’ dorm! It'll be sooooo fun!" 
 This time, I couldn't hold back rolling my eyes. I tried to avert my attention from her constant blabbering about makeovers, and nails, and unicorns and glitter and BLEH! It's not that I dislike all things 'girly', I just seem to fit in better with the guys. My theory was proven when I saw her brother, Blake, mimic my eye-rolling on my right. I looked over to him as he gave me an apologetic look and a little shrug. It sucks that I got stuck with miss pretty princess on my left talking about who-knows-what, but Blake wasn't that bad, except for him not really caring about ANYTHING. But still, out of all the people in this whole school, there were only two people not currently in classes and one of them just HAD to be my polar opposite. The headmaster demanded that they show me around, just to sorta 'introduce me' the school. Suddenly, I felt a hard shoulder slam into me from the back and almost toppled over. The only thing keeping me grounded was Blake's firm hand grabbing my elbow.
 "Watch where you’re going a*****e!" I yelled to the guy who practically ran me over, while regaining my balance.
 "Why don't you watch where YOUR going" he replied without stopping. He glanced back while muttering under his breath, "b***h"
 "Douchebag" I spat back rolling my eyes once more. I could help but notice the corner of his mouth twitch up into a smirk just before he turned his head back. I shook my head, my smirk mimicking his. I turned to Alexis, "I thought everyone was supposed to be in class."
 "They are. Not that Chase ever listens to what you’re SUPPOSED to do. Oh, and your right; he IS a douchebag" She replied, apparently amused that I had actually stood up to him. "He's the kinda guy who would beat up a kid just cause he looked at him the wrong way. I wouldn't put it past him cause he's been trying to get kicked out since he got here."
 "Oh, come on Lexi! He's not that bad. He's just built up a high reputation for himself. That's why no one bothers him." he replied, more to me than his sister. I couldn’t shake the feeling that they were friends. Which, quite obviously bothered Alexis. "He's kinda the bad boy of the school. No one messes with him, but once you get to know him, he’s not that bad a guy. He just doesn't want to be here and he doesn't want people to get in his way about anything. He obviously hates it here and can't wait to get the hell outta here. His father’s forcing him to go. But, Lexi's right, he has being trying, despratly, to get out of here."
 Bingo. I was right. They were friends. It seemed strange that someone as carefree and outgoing as Blake would be friends with someone as tough and uncaring as this Chase kid. Just as that thought crossed my mind, his worlds really started to sink in. Maybe there WAS someone after all who didn’t want to be here even more than me. Not that I would try anything like acting tougher than I really am to get people out of my way, but it seemed to work for him cause, apparently, the other kids stayed out of his way. But I really didn't want to draw attention to myself. I just needed peace and quiet. Not like a boarding school with a bunch of teenagers and minimal adult supervision would fulfill that wish. I was just starting to question why I even agreed to a stupid 'non-stop high school' when my phone started to buzz in my pocket. I excused myself out of the building and answered my phone.
 "What up?" I answered into the receiver with my usual nonchalance, trying not to put anger in my voice for being talked into this.
 "Hey, how's it goin'?" Noah’s voice was hesitant on the other line, knowing that anything horrible about this place would pile blame on him cause he was the one, in the first place, to suggest that I go back to high school.
 "Well, so far I've listened to the Headmaster yak about rules and stuff for about an hour, then I was dumped off with little miss princess, as I call her, and her overly-laid-back brother to show me around the place. Oh, and I may have found a kid who hates it here more than I already do." I replied with overly-fake perkiness in my voice. "I hate you for talking me into this, ya know."
 "I know" he sighed. It still feels weird how my younger brother had so much control over me. It was probably just cause of how alone and broken I’ve been feeling lately. "Well I was just checking in. Making sure you didn’t throw yourself off a cliff or something. So, I’ll let you get back to your tour or whatever, brah. "
 "Believe me I was seriously thinking about that cliff thing a few minutes earlier. (I sighed) See ya, bro." I hung up the phone, seriously dreading heading back into the building of hell, but I knew it was inevitable, so I sucked in a deep breath and headed back inside.

© 2011 Emily Pazienza

Author's Note

Emily Pazienza
Please alert me if you see an grammar mistakes! THANKS! :)

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Added on August 28, 2011
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Emily Pazienza
Emily Pazienza


**Well... I have returned.... I haven't been on here for almost a year xDD but i have decided to start to get more dedicated to my writing... so im back xDD woo!** Heyyy everyone! My name is Emily .. more..

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