A Chapter by Kayliee

   I believed fairies and elves to only be a part of my childish imagination. Though I saw them; every single one. I defeated those whom sought to bring harm, and befriended each gentle fairy.

    I watched them as they danced with the wind, their invisible figures twirling the autumn leaves. I had always admired how they carried themselves so gracefully, as if it took nothing more than a flick of the hand.

    Now it were the elves who proved to be the mischievous ones, as they taunted me with their harsh words. And, oh, how I hated how they swong so freely from branch to branch. It was their freedom that had placed jealousy in my heart, and to their advantage, they knew that.

     One would think I to be foolish to have such hatred upoun myself, since these thoughts were all of the works of my own mind. Those ones are to be nothing but wise. 

     But how could I stop myself? Can you answer me that? How could I stop myself from wanting what I could never have?

      I only have one thing to say to you all, and you better take this lesson to heart: Control yourselves! Be foolish-not! Because these were the things that I had lacked one-hundred years ago, and now bear what I have done.




       "She's beautiful," His voice is so soft that it is like a tickle to my ears.

        I trace my fingers along the brown piece of paper. "See how her arms move with the wind? She is creating one of her own; shaping it even." At that a breeze blows towards my face, gently brushing my hair from my shoulders.

        "Was that them?" Rylan asks, though I know that he does not believe in my imaginary friends. Though his smile is genuine, and I thank him for that.

         I feel a curl at my lips. "Of course."

         I do not believe in it myself, but we enjoy playing the game of pretend.

         Rylan is nothing but a simple vilage boy, who stays with me for only the joy brought by the company of another youth. I am the only one in our tiny vilage who comes close to his age of fifteen, our age differing from only around a year apart.

         He is thought to be a simple child. He obeys orders, does his duties, and respects all. He is also thought to be quite handsome, with his pale green eyes and his light brown hair. His nose is shaped to be small and cute, adding the innocence to his face. Also the work he performs in the fields does much good to his body, and his height is of those like the tallest of trees. 

         Once in a while, we get young vistors from the larger towns near-by. These young ones are usually girls that are, I believe, around my age, looking to be a bride. I find it quite disturbing how their parents have their eyes preyed upon the older men in our village, rather than one who would shrink the age gap. I believe these young woman do so as well, considering the fact that they cannot take their eyes off of Rylan.

          They pass by him, and giggle much more than any normal person would have done. Rylan would just give them a small smile, and wave. Though with his free hand, he would take mine, and sqeeze it to make sure that I do not let go. I suppose it is his kind way of saying a stern, "No." to the young ladies.

           Without warning, Rylan picks up his stick, holding it as if it were a real sword. I follow, and soon we are in our own duel.


© 2012 Kayliee

Author's Note

It is unfinsihed and not yet edited; I'll do my best to finish it soon. :) Also please excuse cheeseyness XD It will not be like this for the entire book. ^-^

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And, oh, how I hated how they swong so freely from branch to branch: swong is swung.
One would think I to be foolish to have such hatred upoun myself: upoun is upon
Rylan is nothing but a simple vilage boy: vilage is village. U made the same mistake some lines further.
Once in a while, we get young vistors: vistors is visitors
Though with his free hand, he would take mine, and sqeeze: sqeeze is squeeze
We all make little mistakes which later are big works of art.
Loved the prologue. Can't wait to read more of this.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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