Forever Young

Forever Young

A Story by Kayliee

'I will die with us being forever enimies in my eyes, and you will die thinking of yourselves as heros... your idiot!'


    Darkness blinds my vision, for how long now, I do not know. Scattered thoughts echo through-out my mind; cursed hints of awareness jeer deeply within my chest. I am not dead. No, not yet. If I were, I would not be cautious of my own knowings. The pull of depression snakes its way into my piece of conscience, for I am living in a place of torment. Death would have been a generous gift; I have fallen into a more doomed consequence. I am experiencing my own personal tribulation.

     I am surrouned by a sea of nothingness; my flesh wrapped around an invisible sheet of fabric. I am damned to sufficate at each passing second.

     Oh have I never wished for my life to end ever more! I am crying out for my urgency to speak, but my lips are sewed together. How could one tie me up if I fail to feel my own body?

      A wordless beg crows above me; an atom craving for me to understand. Must I pass through this trial? You want to be a hero; take me to slip by! Why must you cling on forever longer? Must I have such little value to you? Do you not feel my pain and suffering?

      For a moment, please grave out the burried kindess in your hearts. You must open your eyes and see the light that I cannot!

      This is how you want to end me? What goodness of you does my suffering make? Oh let me go, and please pardon your selfish souls for a moment! Ignore your taunting wants, and listen to mine for once! Oh my precious loved ones, please hear my only wish. If you ever knew me, you would give me this one last gift. For what present do I bring you, not existing in my sleeping bed? What kind of people do you prove yourselves being, building your steal bars to trap me from my joy of ever-lasting relief?

        You ignorant creatures! Do you not understand my actual message? I beg you, my loved ones, do not weigh more burden down upon my shoulders, for I have already given up. I have set everything to cascade, and my decision had been carved in stone. You just bring more dread upon my soul, and you place a burning fire in my heart.

         And I feel the hours drag on. I know that you will not precede with my longing wish. I will die with us being forever enemies in my eyes, and you will die thinking of yourselves as heros. Of whom is a hero, trying to save a hurting soul. Of whom is a hero, that does no good to the victum?

         You idiot! What hero mocks one other, thinking of me to be the one blinded? You are not a hero, you fool. And my mortallity will soon prove me to be the one correct.

        And a rush of something so faint as to joy, courses through my body. And then I am slipping; oh thank-all I am slipping away! No more waiting, no more suffering; it's all slipping.

        I feel as my thoughts, whom have echoed around me for an endless period of time, start to fade. I feel as my hatred starts to fade. I feel the pain caused by life, start to fade.

        One last thought occurs to me, as my end approches: I have done it; I have made my goal! My relief is to be right there at my reach! And now, I feel myself as I become forever young.




© 2012 Kayliee

Author's Note

I usually don't do this type of writing--dark and deep--so please excuse my immaturity. :)

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I really enjoyed this, well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is really good! (:

Posted 10 Years Ago

Woah! This is amazing! The whole story is simply fantastic! The imagery used to describe the feelings is just so perfect. The only critique I have is that there are few spelling mistakes, but I'm sure they're just typos. An easy fix! Other than that it is really, really great!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Amazing :D !!
Haha I love this so much xD It's like.. o.o Holy cow pies !! xDD
It's amazing cx I totally love it ;D

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ahhhh it's so intense. Your words describe exactly how they're feeling. It's so deep, good job! xoxo

Posted 10 Years Ago

Such amazing imagery, in this story.
Liked this alot, it's deep and wonderful.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Good job!

Posted 10 Years Ago

very deep! I loveee it xp its very interesting... keep writing!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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