Will you?

Will you?

A Poem by Lonely Islander



Will you?

Will you ever hold my hand                

While the pouring rain soaks us

And curious eyes from all around

Are glued to the taboo happening out in public

Will you just ignore them?


Will you take me to your place

And while your mother sighs and glares at me

For bewitching her beloved son

Will you take me to that little attic of yours

Where we discovered our first day of love

And can we sit there for hours again

Just two lovers staring at the stars

Through a little window?


Will you forget my age

And treat me like a woman

But still let me have my innocence?

Will you consider?

Will you be nice?


When the world will say no

Will you stand your ground

And say yes?

Will you stand by me

And whisper ‘I love you’?

Will you sacrifice everything for me?

Will you?

© 2013 Lonely Islander

Author's Note

Lonely Islander
haaahhh...love's got to me! whatcha think?

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I loved it! I just end up wanting to read more of ur poetry every time I read a piece of ur work of art! Great poem! 100/100

Posted 9 Years Ago

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oh, love now a days defies age limit… but still there are some curious eyes and judgmental tongues around who will definitely take your love down…. Put your love to a test my friend… I’m not even sure if this is fiction or not… still its seems real enough for me… for you poured your feelings in this write… love will surpass boundaries if it’s really meant to be… if a person says yes to all what you question and respects all you had decides… you know love is built with respect and trust as its foundations to stand strong…wonderful work my friend…

Posted 9 Years Ago

Lonely Islander

9 Years Ago

Thank u dear friend. And yes this is fiction!:-):-):-D.
I think this is very real by the sentiments you have detailed, its a lovely flowing poem about the small things that mean so much when you are first in love or going out with someone special. From the weak standpoint you describe the love will grow into a strong undeniable force. I like this very much.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Lonely Islander

9 Years Ago

Thank you so much. It means a lot:-):-):-D.

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Lonely Islander
Lonely Islander


Hey guys,this is my other account. I closed my previous account (Hidden Happiness) and opened this one so it might have some of the writings from that account. Writing means a lot to me, more than I .. more..


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