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Reaching the ground floor, I could hear the buzz of the administration floor and the swish of the glass revolving doors as the lifted sounded and the doors open. Smiling, I was free for a little bit. Now, to find my phone, I thought. Grabbing it out of my top pocket I walked straight past the security guard, Alan.

"Have run on the lunch run, Emma!" Alan called behind me. He'd been here for years, before I started, and he watched everybody come and go. Looking back at him over my shoulder, I chuckled at him, wagged my finger at him for his cheeky sarcasm, he knew how much I loathed my job and was always brightening my day.

The other side of the front door, there was sunshine falling heavy in a beam from the left of me. It would have been sweltering if not for the slow relaxing breeze that swept along the street. I stood there for a moment, soaking in the gorgeousness of it all. No! My brain screamed, quick get lunch and ring that poor fool before Brian Eldridge finally throws you out of there, he'll only need one excuse! With that I looked down at my phone as I already knew the restaurant Mr Eldridge was on about. The screen of my phone read,

**4 unread messages**

Oh no, no, no. I knew exactly who this was. Grudgingly, I opened the first of the texts, 

From: Ashley Moreno

Message: Come home Emma. I'll cook, we'll have fun, and you know you miss me. Come on, you can’t live in that dump you call a flat. Get a taxi to mine tonight.

Time: 11:17

 Yep, exactly what I thought. Joy. Ashley was an egotistical d****e-bag with a pretty face and a fast car, hence the presumptuous dictation. Shaking my head I read the next message;

From: Ashley Moreno

Message: Reply now little bella. I want you in my apartment tonight. Do not disappoint me.

Time: 11:53

Getting more and more annoyed by the second I figured to get his third demanding and berating text message over and done with now.

From: Ashley Moreno

Message: Emma, I do not appreciate your silence. You're a receptionist dear girl; it's not as if your time is so consumed by work. I miss your voice Miss Telmon, be here tonight, I implore you.

Time: 12:45

I looked up in a rage. I was almost near the restaurant; I had walked there incredibly fast. Gosh, a mile in what? 10 minutes?! I must have practically been running! Sitting down on a bench a few feet ahead of me, I checked I hadn't worn down the heels of my favourite shoes. They were an ivory coloured lace with a T-bone strap. My mother had brought them back from France for my birthday last year. I loved them and I treasured them so much. I knew they had cost my mother an arm and a leg, fair enough, she was better off than I, but that was her traveling money that she had worked since 16 for. And I am sure Ashley Moreno would have happily bought me much more expensive items, but I refused all his attempts of bribery.

Catching my breath while I leant back on the bench and raised my head and closed my eyes, bathing in the sun for a moment to calm down. How dare he?! He has all the money he wants, he can have anyone else; he needs to leave me the hell alone. And the cheek of him to belittle my work! Oh, who cares? I am not going anywhere near him. He's attractive in appearances, but he's become as repulsive to me as Mr Eldridge. I smiled to myself as I pictured him overweight and bulging in the wrong places, barely fitting in his tailored jackets and jeans. Bring my  head back down to my phone with a sigh, I quickly replied;

To: Ashley Moreno

Message: I won't be coming over, not now, not ever. Now would you please delete my number and go back to the brainless women that frequent your bedroom. Leave me alone Ashley, we broke up as I was 'not to your liking' and I still refuse to change.

Time: 13:02

Feeling very proud of myself for refusing the Spanish dark horse that is Ashley Moreno, I looked at the final text message, from Brian Eldridge with the name "Jack Walters" and the man’s mobile number following closely after. I quickly called the number while I was relaxed, I was in no hurry, I could see the Thai restaurant over the street so I'd run in straight after the meeting was booked.

"Hello?" I heard down the end of the telephone.

"Hello, is this Jack Walters?" I inquired trying to get straight to the point.

"Yes? And who's this?" He sounded unsure and weary, but his voice was thick and raspy as it made its way into my ear.

"This is Emma Telmon. I work for Mr Eldridge," it was always better to tell people that then tell them I was his receptionist/personal slave "he was wondering if it would be possible to schedule a meeting for next Tuesday in the Eldridge, Saxon, Fox and Peterson Building in London to go over the claim you have made." I stated everything matter-of-factly and precisely so he understood first time. I really hated having to repeat myself.

"Oh yeah, that... One second, let me check my calendar... Yeah that's fine. I live in London anyway. Next Tuesday, right?" He muttered away down the phone to me.

"Yes Mr Walters, next Tuesday. I will meet you from the ground floor of the building at 10:15, will that be okay?" I grimaced as I repeated myself. Did he not listen the first time? It's hardly complicated.

"Yep, I'll be there. Thank you very much, good bye Miss Telmon." And with that, he ended the call, without giving me a chance to formally say a goodbye. Oh, what did I care anyway? I abhorred my job. Right, Brian's lunch.

© 2013 Sarah F-W

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Ahh you're a fantastic writer! Publish the next chapter already! :C

Posted 8 Years Ago

You have stated the case of the poor working
girl to perfection.
I look forward to seeing the final chapter soon.
Thank you for a delightful read.
----- Eagle Cruagh

Posted 8 Years Ago

Oh, the haters! I think you handled this well.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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