Dear [insert pain here]

Dear [insert pain here]

A Poem by Percy Pound

The girl in the corner,
the one with the scars,
hidden by all the bars
she locked herself behind.

The awkward boy who looks her way
but doesn't know what to say, 
sees her wrists and in her head
and is filled with dread.

O God O God, who did this?

She looks with troubled eyes,
her iris milky and murky with doubt.
She sees her new friend,
a boy whose compassion seems 
to have no end, 
and loves how his feeling shows what he's all about.

I did this myself; the scars make me who I am.

He shakes his head and her cuts and bruises,
and helps her write a letter to her captor's;
telling them to put away the nooses.

It reads as follows. . .

Dear pain,
it's been a long time 
since you've been on my mind.
I meant to write, 
but it never did seem to be quite right. 

And dear Hate, 
I see you everyday, 
and all the bait you've set up for me.
But don't waste your time,
for I have been set free.

Finally, Dear guilt
You have been the base for all I built, 
but no tower lasts forever,
and no power reigns supreme for long.
So I have toppled all the cities 
and sacked all your villages. 
For it was my life you pillaged.

And P.S. Life,
I've gotten you're message,
and i'm not impressed. 
"Another year older and I'll be deeper in debt?"
Now, now, a life like that would surely end in regret.
So no, I won't play you're game and end my life in shame.
I'll go live among the stars,
or the consequence is decomposing at the end with the rest,
But I refuse, i'm putting my foot down.
I not taking the test, because i'm exempt.
I've found the light, and i'll use it to fight this evil blight.
Save the others from themselves, 
and i'm gonna take that leather bound book of the shelf.


© 2016 Percy Pound

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wow, you are just sooooo amazing! How can you rhyme lines and in the same time keeping the emotions intact. That is just pure awesome!
Good work,

KEEP CALM AND LOVE WRITING! :D cause I really love your writings

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on February 25, 2016
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Percy Pound
Percy Pound


HI. This is awkward; you found my profile... So...I enjoy writing, and I will admit that I like to write a lot of poetry. I might also be writing a novel... okay bye, or stay, if you want. Haha. T.. more..

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A Poem by Percy Pound