A Poem by Perdition

In the last of hours given daylight

   with a language only spoken from the stars

I asked the winter, down from the mountain

   for a cup of granite rising from the sea

The mountain saw I was the last bird  among the branches 

   falling as unwilling through the sentiment of sky

Circling the chaos as lovers often do the mountain swayed

   trembling from  the lip I warmed myself beside her  


As we climbed the silent spirit of the willow

    I turned to face the evening's walk in silence

Each step as the blade fashioned kindly through my side

     my fumbling prints behind me step by step


I imagined us willing in some other way

   putting the fires into the mirror's flask 

Beyond the safe margins of the rapids I saw no answer

    your arms spread me open to the lie


I can feel you now tangled as the air begins to rise 

    clouds escaping from the grotto, ashen but very much alive

These thoughts never come to me unwilling 

   but the shattered life I left was a price I've paid


Breeched from the deepest sea and salt,

      darker than the furthest pride was choice from shelter

And weary as the nights I've made past many days

    every empty hand I see reminds me


We walk a living cage to nest alone

    gold is a color, a grain bending to the wind

Till next I am with you in the sunlight

    this world inside the grotto makes no claim

Just a smile from the moment it first surrounds you 

    tearing me necessary bindings from your rope

Remember you were once the berries cool in summer 

   the remnant skyline bursting into limelight 


The sleep

   of  dreams

The warm 

      porch lamp 


      in the midnight

To start again

      takes only your will


Without end

       imagine it if you can

All promises forgiven

        remember if you can

The life you lived unchosen 

        the night you died alone

The heavens above you circling

       as you balance on the center of the branch

© 2020 Perdition

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Blimey...this is so wonderful. Your poetry holds such an innocence to it, perhaps it is the energy one feels travelling through the imagery, it has an aura of vividness, an effortless flow, a purposeful articulation...honestly, I enjoy your writing a lot :)

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Yikes! It's that word "innocence" that is so worrisome that it makes me cringe at times..mostly beca.. read more

2 Months Ago

Innocence to me is rare and unique so no madman status yet lol You are welcome :)
So it was you that pushed me from my nice warm branch...and all this time...I blamed the wind :P

Posted 3 Months Ago

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Aloha my friend from across land and sea,

This one has so many hauntingly beautiful lines ...very inspiring.

Reading this transports my mind to a simpler day when the world was younger and hearts beat in an innocent space, before being tarnished with the dust and dirt of reality and broken dreams.

"As if I could ever begin
Without you

I imagine I am there
But not for my promise

Our willow and porch
A memory I weep"


Alisa 💫

Posted 5 Years Ago

Alisa Js

5 Years Ago

You know I meant that in the best way, right?? as a compliment to your strange and wacky sense of hu.. read more

5 Years Ago

Yep….I would think by now this would be a complete unnecessary. Tis true Hawacki... The wackiest o.. read more
Alisa Js

5 Years Ago

I know...but I just wanted to make sure, 😀

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Sometimes, VA

Writing is a way for me to transcend the edges around the edges of transcendence; if you catch my drift. more..

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