A Poem by Perdition

On a wooden table

black, befuddled

pierced in bones through metal cage

in darkened mind

I stood with disbelief,


I stood among hours of aftermath as

you passed from body, passed from hands

and back again into the lustful earth where you were claimed


unbearable these floods that follow

emaciated in states of shock 

bitter the worms and hide

a doleful death that

leaves no wound so deep as that

left behind


softer the sword

graces gently through my chest

your blood in rivers curved ornamental

red as the day your eyes laid set and still

the flies with earthen tongues hovered in mourning

obliged to slow their willful aim



knowing soon

we would both breathe no longer

I knelt,

pierced with the same sudden stillness

sweetly unkind, then numb as only death can bring

I carried you home in my arms

and gently laid you down


for days we gave

our last goodbyes


It is not the suffering that yields me now

nor these days I still keep to my promise

rather the wonder

for it was hours that just before

we walked the woods alone


forgiving the hunter his aim,

his metal, his stray


my arms through the darkness

desperate to sweep you alive,

but unable to save what love cannot

in moments permitted as these

as we are both alone

to our own submerged beliefs

my abandoned sleep to endure,

my last and broken fade

my lost goodnight come morning then

to the mind's undressing day

© 2019 Perdition

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Reading your other reviews, I get the feeling you might've lost a pet companion . . . if so, I'm sorry for your loss. As I read your poem once, I'm reminded of adopting a very old dog knowing full well our union would be brief. He ended up dying of cancer within months. The second time reading your poem, I stood back for a wider view . . . ALL the older strays I've adopted over the years . . . sometimes half our time together is watching a pet grow old & gray & then nursing it thru a long period of dying. Why do I do this, I thought as I read your poem (a question I never asked myself before) . . . am I strong enuf to keep doing this, once I finally lose my current batch of pets? Your writing is a powerful kaleidoscope of the reasons I'm drawn to do it, combined with the reasons it's sometimes too excruciating (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thanks Margie...they do leave such a vast emptiness when they go don't they?...Such a wonderful chap.. read more
Did you lose another companion? Was Chaz the first ones name ? and Molly another right? My memories have become so my eyes. So sorry for your loss. Ive lost three since last we spoke aloud...never an easy time. Healing vibes my friend.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago head is officially tilting? Aloud?? only one person on this site who is an old friend do I.. read more
Gypsy Warrior Queen

1 Year Ago

Has it been 17yrs since old blue was around? NO can't be that long?
Gypsy Warrior Queen

1 Year Ago

well okay maybe least what 10 since Myspace died... okay ...your right! at least this one ti.. read more
accidental shooting...sounds like maybe a canine companion accidentally shot...there is much sadness in this poem, but forgiveness as well...
i could also see in this an allegory of a couple losing a child to still birth...having to bury him or her before the child gets any chance to greet the world...and the hunter who misaimed could be God...and our thought of why this happened...and maybe it was not really meant to be...just a tragic accident as well.
your writing is original and stimulating...

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thanks J. Your intuition is deeply amazing...I'm holding back on this one because it still hits pers.. read more

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