Excerpt from 'The Reign of Evil'

Excerpt from 'The Reign of Evil'

A Story by PeterCurson

(Chapter 4, page 53)


Now the noise came again but louder. It was no longer a shout, but a guttural roar. The brothers clung to each other as they looked back through the doorway to the street outside. All they could see were Fairence soldiers but they had stopped fighting, they had stopped moving entirely, except they were shaking. Their gazes were fixed further down the street. Nothing happened as the brothers listened. They could hear movement from down the street as if a large amount of people were advancing towards them, yet the Fairence soldiers were doing nothing to stop them. Every few seconds, the brothers thought they could hear something, some kind of growl, but could not place what it was and they didn’t risk speaking about it either. It was something deep, a sound a snarling animal might make. But if it was an animal, it was something they had never encountered.

© 2016 PeterCurson

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Added on March 17, 2016
Last Updated on March 17, 2016
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