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Let It Snow

Let It Snow

A Chapter by The Phantom King Alchemist

Chapter 1! ^^

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we've no place to go,
Let it snow!

The fire in the fireplace shown brighter than a star in the sky as Ed wrapped a blanket around himself and curled up next to Colonel Mustang on the couch in the living room. Sighing contentedly, Ed closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Roy's waist, laying his head on his shoulder.

"You cold?"

Ed looked up at Roy and smiled. "Nah, I'm okay." He continued after laying his head on Roy's shoulder once more. "I got you."

Roy smiled and gave a small chuckle before leaning down and tilting up Ed's chin.
"Just one of the reasons I love you." He whispered.

Ed blushed and smiled, before leaning in as well. "Love you too Roy."

And with that, Roy closed the distance between them and kissed Ed's lips sweetly and gently with a chaste passion while the only sound was the fire quietly crackling in the fireplace. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ed fell out of bed and landed on the hard wooden floor of his apartment with a thud. Laying on the floor for a moment he slowly dragged himself up into a sitting position on the floor, then finally stood up as he made his way to the bathroom.

Looking at himself in the mirror he noticed that he had been crying again.

"Damnit," he said as he wiped the tears out of his eyes.

Ed had been dreaming of Roy for the past month, wishing and hoping that he'd come back home in time for Christmas. But the way things were, it just seemed impossible that Roy would come home.

"Why does he have to be in the Northern front," Ed shouted at the mirror. "In December of ALL months!!"

Ed shook his head and looked at his left arm as he braced himself on the counter of the bathroom sink. As he glanced over it, his eyes lingered on the fading but ever present scars across his wrist. While he stared at his wrist, Ed remembered the last time Roy was gone for over a month.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Roy had been stationed in the East for quite a while, but after he had come back to Central permanently, he had been sent out for a few months again. Roy and Ed had been going out for almost a year then, and it was around their anniversary that Roy was gone. Ed had been so upset that he barricaded himself in the apartment he shared with Al at the time and wouldn't let anyone or anything near him till Roy came home.

Well, Al had gotten pretty scared after he didn't hear anything coming out of Ed's room one day while he tried yet again to get his older brother to eat. Thinking that something terrible had happened, he called Major Hughes right away. Hughes rushed on over to their place and after hearing nothing for about an hour or so, called Roy and told him to get over here as fast as humanly possible.

When Roy arrived, Hughes and Al just stood back as he blew off the door and rushed on in, jumping over furniture and objects that were keeping the door shut. Quickly looking around for his little blonde, he found him unconscious on the floor next to the bed, razor blade in hand. Roy almost passed out himself when he saw the blood stained carpet surrounding Ed's left arm, but he grabbed him and raced him to the hospital.

Luckily, the Doctor said that the first cut Ed had made on his wrist wasn't very deep and that's why he was able to stay alive as long as he did. The second one however was much deeper, but it was only half-way across Ed's wrist. The doctor thought that maybe he had been hesitant about slicing his wrist a second time, but whatever he did it didn't matter, because if Roy hadn't of gotten there when he did, Ed most likely would've died.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ed shook his head again as all the memories of him being in the hospital hit him like  a freight train.

"What the hell was I thinking...." He said to himself. Sighing, Ed shook his head once more and decided to go get ready for his day, which would consist of lounging around in his undershirt and boxers, and watching re-runs of old Christmas movies since Al was spending Christmas back in Risembool with Winry and Penako, and  Central Headquarters decided that everyone stationed in Central should have off during the holiday season. Unfortunately, that doesn't count if your stationed in the east or up north. 

Ed sighed once more as he sat down on the couch and wrapped himself up in his favorite blanket, turning on the Tv and settling in to watch "White Christmas." Soon he began to cry again as the movie's signature song came on. Ed kept crying and curled himself into a little ball on the couch, trying not to remember that every Christmas Roy would walk around the house singing his favorite song from his favorite Christmas movie. "White Christmas."

© 2010 The Phantom King Alchemist

Author's Note

The Phantom King Alchemist
Well, what did ya think??? Lemme know since this is my first FMA/Christmas fic that I've written. (Not my first Fanfic).

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Added on November 15, 2010
Last Updated on November 19, 2010
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