We were young

We were young

A Chapter by The Phantom King Alchemist

For my Collection of Marc Antony and Cleopatra Historically INcorrect writings. They first meet.

I remember the day that we first met. We were both pretty young then and Pompey had come down to Egypt for another visit with my father. This time they were going crocodile hunting on the Nile and it was said that Pompey was bringing one of his generals down with him. Little did I know that I would meet a young man that would be one of the most important things in my life.

~ ~ ~

I was hiding half way behind a curtain when they came to the palace and entered the throne room. Even though I really should've been out there greeting them, I was a little nervous and decided to hide and wait till Father called me out.

Looking at the trio of Roman's that casually walked in, I saw that one was Pompey Magnus, my father's good friend and a general of Rome. The other was one of Pompey's General's I believe his name was Marcus Vitus Antonius, the third and final Roman that walked through the doors of the throne room was a younger man than the other two, he was tall, muscular, and clean shaven with dark eyes and dark hair.

He was so beautiful and looked so strong that I was gawking at him for minutes on end. But little did I realize that I was leaning forward while still hanging onto the curtain for my only support. After a few minutes of my full body weight being on the fine silk curtain, I accidentally pulled on it and went flying.

When I pulled on the curtain, I didn't think I had pulled on it that hard, but apparently it was just enough force to rip the curtain and send me sprawling on the floor in a heap of silk. Of course my father, Pompey, Marcus Vitus, and the young man all heard the clattering of my jewelry and my body as they hit the floor.

Rushing on over, the young man started to rummage through the fabric, trying to find little me in the immense folds of silk. When he finally found me, he pulled the fabric away from my torso and I slowly sat up, shaking my head and trying to make sure that my hair wasn't messed up.

"Are you alright?" The young man said as he finished uncovering me.

Nodding my head I attempted to fix my hair and finally looked up at the young man that rushed over, but as I did, I wound up regretting it because at that precise moment when I looked at him, I was blushing beet red. We gazed at each other for what seemed like hours before a very loud clearing of a throat snapped both of us out of it and our attention immediately went straight to my father.

"Marcus, Pompey, Antony, I'd like you all to meet my daughter. Cleopatra the seventh, Princess of Egypt."

The look on Antony's face when he turned back to me matched Marcus' face and mine in my mind. "Antony," I thought to myself. "His name is Antony."

And that was how we first met.

© 2011 The Phantom King Alchemist

Author's Note

The Phantom King Alchemist
Yes this is Cleopatra's P.O.V. if you weren't sure, and yes please... I know about the whole "Historically INcorrect" thing. That's why we call it FICTION. I had to throw someone in so that it would make sense that Antony was down there in Egypt on a friendly visit so I just thought to create him an Uncle that happened to be Pompey's General and friend.

So don't sue me for this. I did what I had to... it happens. IN fact, I kinda like being historically accurate as much as possible, but with these two it's kinda impossible... since I love them that much. But history does state that Antony was indeed stationed down in Judea and that the campaign ended in Alexandria.

Now... yes another one of those "Historically INcorrect moments." I had to change the age of Antony. I really did. But only by a few years... (Okay maybe a bit more than a few...) But I figured it out on the calculator and when Cleo was 14... he would've been 28. And he didn't fake his age to be three years younger than he was until he got older. So! I decided to pull it back farther. Saying that Cleo is 16 and Antony is 20. Only a four year difference instead of a 14 year difference. YES I know! I'm bad, I cut his age back ten years!!! But seriously... it's better this way.

Okay so with that said, same old rules apply for reviews. Nothing stating that it's Not Historically Accurate. I ALREADY KNOW THAT AND HAVE SAID IT A MILLION TIMES!!! And no comments saying that "Cleopatra was Black!!" Because she's not. Okay, savy? Good. If you're confused as to why, look at the Note for Reviewers at the beginning of the book (Not the first chapter but the "title page/contents page").

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Added on January 4, 2011
Last Updated on January 7, 2011
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