Prologue: The Sayings of a Wolf

Prologue: The Sayings of a Wolf

A Chapter by Ellusive Rose

My given name of origin had been long forgotten, so I will ask of you to please refer to me as Wolf. Not Wolfe or Wolfie, just Wolf like the mighty creature.



The Sayings of a Wolf  

Darkness slows upon us as a raging war makes this world bleed. No human, no animal can survive their terrible hatred. Faster they run this city into the ground. Faster they turn a heart into their toy. These beings……these beings not  even meant  to exist at all, but the dark aura that seeps out gives them power to roam the earth without so much as a notice, that is…..until they strike their target down with one fail swoop of their invisible claws, making no chance to run away and save themselves. If I am to tell you this chronicle then you must know the background of the compilation of people to stop these livid beasts. First, I am acknowledged as Wolf in this world. My given name of origin had been long forgotten, so I will ask of you to please refer to me as Wolf. Not Wolfe or Wolfie, just Wolf like the mighty creature.

However if you want, I will tell you my name so I can fully tell you this tale. My name is Danny Whistle and how I came upon the organization is more than what one book could fit. So I will tell you all that I experienced in this place. More so the subdivision of the White Wolves or so they called it. My focus will be on all of them, but really on a young woman who caught my curiosity. Her name is….Halloween. And her part in this….will be….more than you will ever know…….


                       ---------Danny Whistle a.k.a. Wolf  


© 2010 Ellusive Rose

Author's Note

Ellusive Rose
It's just the Prologue,so I'm testing it out.

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Whoa, you had me at the first line.

As a writer when I heard the character introduce himself, I was ready to roll my eyes and blah, but I realized something. Shoot, I like the character that's been introduced. And when a writer dares to open it up this way, that means the character must attract the reader fast. Danny or Wolf did and I want to read more. I like how you described the setting, a little background within a prologue, that's good.

Also, when a writer dares to open the book up this way, it must attract the reader quickly.

I think you did a wonderful job and I thought the name inverstions were kinda funny.

I actually can't wait to read more about this woman named Halloween. I never in my day heard a name like that. Makes it even more interestring.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Nice prologue! It left me wanting more! I can't wait to read more! I'm curious to find out what going to happen! :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

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lol, reviewing you hard is really hard. You are really good at making me, the reader experience the story, like a movie. I can't wait to read the next chapter in your book!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Ellusive Rose
Ellusive Rose

Valley Stream, NY

Hi, i am a 16 year old girl who loves to write and draw more than anything. Im just starting out with writng stories, so please don't be hard on me okay? That doesn't mean leave out important deta.. more..


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