A Chapter by Ellusive Rose

“So will you see eye to eye to our little barter or shall we have to get aggressive?”






Chapter 2


Halloween is what they called her although even till this day, I never knew exactly why, but what I do know is the implausible young woman who spawned from a place non-existent to me, had came downward from the altar, glaring into the eyes of demise. Even as I lay immobile on the cold liquid floor, I could still see her sovereignty from the corner of my eye.

“Halloween! I didn’t expect you to be here! As well as us, you’re not allowed inside the church!”

I went unnoticed as my conscious started to slip away, making me unaware of the present danger at hand. They were done with me, I was sure of that, but even as my own life hung in the balance, my thoughts never left that girl. Would she be alright? Why would she fight alone? Everything poured out from one ear to the next.

However, even as I lay there, my life was dwindling. The deep gashes in my right arm and leg spewed blood from every inch of it and even as some people would think more of that their life would be over, my only fear was that it would scar at some point. I don’t think you quite understand, yeah a life is one thing, but when it’s inevitable, you start to wonder…and I wondered if it was going to scar…go figure.

“How did you even get inside without us noticing?”

I’m still hanging on, listening to every word that they said. However, the pain was getting to be a little too much to bear, so even if I fought with all my might, death has the upper hand. Although I guess you could say that curiosity kept me alive, seeing how when I’m talking about all of this in the last minutes of my life, but that’s just who I am.

Yet even while the girl was facing immediate danger, surprisingly no emotion ran through her face. You would think that fear at least would show to some extent, but her eyes were blank and unfeeling and I got the sense that she knew what she was doing. You know that feeling that everything was going to be alright.

“You guys forgot about me didn’t you….?”

“Wait that voice…….it’s Phantom!”

A petite girl, no higher than the pedestal itself, shifted herself around the corners of the stairs leading down to the enemies before her. Just like the young woman before her…..she showed no fear…. no…..panic in the features of her face. Phantom…what a name to be called…like a specter with no presence, no individuality.

 Nevertheless, the name seemed appropriate. Even I, the one who is most aware of the different sounds of the graveyard night, did not feel or even hear neither one of their presences and that…..alarms me…more than it should have…

“Ah…..I guess this is it….”

I whispered silently to myself, hoping no individual would hear my last remark. The throbbing enlarges within the mists of my torso….the burning that is. I only wish that I could have kept my promise to my mother. I thought maybe….I could outwit destiny….but that was just wishful thinking. No one could elude death in this city….

Are you going to give up on hope that easily? My you sure are an easy one and here I hope for a challenge…..

Who said that? Is…is my mind playing tricks on me?...But then again….this entire city has been a bizarre one..

Listen and listen good….you need to hold your ground or else we both die!

Die? What do you mean die? I’m already dying if you hadn’t noticed. Who are you anyway?

Shut up and just listen will yaz!? Look I don’t have the experience of possessing a body and you well….you’re basically done for…Now if you just listen to me….we can both get out of this alive!

Alive? It is true that I would like to see the day….well the murky clouds of day again. Also….I would be able to keep my promise to my mother. Fine I shall listen to what you have to say….However in order for me to listen to you, introductions are heavily needed.

Heheh…you speak with such a formal tongue boy…however prim and proper you try to be, I know the real trouble maker you are….

Answer me…shadow if you wish to still hold my ear. Either your name will come to light at some point…or we both shall travel the walkway of the dead!

Ooh so poetic…I’m blushing! Mhahahaha! Are you always like this when you’re scared and your life fleeting away? Or even how you treat a lady friend?

You’re no friend of mine! Not even a lady!  If you don’t want to listen, then so be it! I have no problem joining my family on the other side. I guess you’ll be my partner along the journey for I feel it will be a long one!

Alright alright….aye such a pest….yet intriguing I suppose. Fine…my name is Iria Parker…but you’ll be a dead man if you try to speak my proper name!

Then what is the name you wish to be called? I have no problem calling you shadow…trust me it will be no problem at all. Calling you the being that you are!

Stupid meddling boy…fine...people, well other shadows, call me Whisper. If there is one thing that I have accomplished it would be self-healing. SO! Shush your butt and let me heal you while the others are occupied!

Alright…but instead of being called a meddling boy or a stupid one at that, just call me�"

Yeah Yeah, I already know who you are Danny Whistle…Not shut it and let me do my work!

Lying on the bitter tough floor was a excruciating experience. However, I became more mindful of the situation proceeding before me. That young woman….the one, they called….Halloween…she only stood there like Stonehenge, stunning yet somewhat frightful. 

From the looks of it at this point, Phantom was the lone person speaking even….bargaining with the shadows almost…Even now as I stared past the black transparent figures…I can see her topaz eyes  glaring them down as if they were miniscule compared to her. 

Loose flaxen strands of hair; bluster frantically in her face with the aid of an indiscernible wind. The rest lay like drenched noodles over the seams of her blouse on her shoulders. Even looking closer, she was dressed like a shadow herself. Fully clad in noir from head to toe, so much so that even the threads that held her garments together, was made of fine black tailors thread.

Her neck was sheathed too, covered by a dark leather chocker. Laid to rest on it was a silver cross….that looked expensive nonetheless.  Heavy silver encrusting looped around like a snake getting ready for the kill.

“So will you see eye to eye to our little barter or shall we have to get aggressive?”

A small spatter was heard in the stillness and thus I sense that was the end of negotiations. No more civil actions would take place at this point in this church; Violence is all this would come to.

Oh they did it now….Fortanna is a very stupid one she is. She knows better than to piss off one of the White Wolves….

White Wolves? What are the White Wolves? Never in my time, have I heard such a name be spoken out here in this dead capital. The name….sounds very captivating whatever it may be. I would like to know more about it….Actually I would like to more about that girl named Halloween….

Keep your mittens cool ace! There is no way you want to be entangled with their fangs! More over…I don’t want to be entangled with their fangs!


Get your hormones in check boy! You get mixed up with the Wolf Hound herself, you best be looking for a dead end….


Omg Shut up already will yaz!? I’m telling you this for both of our sakes! Now ssshhhh! I’m almost done.

Sitting there was not anything I sought after to do in my life span, but in order to live to tell the tale, I needed to pay attention to what she says. It’s true that she was good at repairing wounded figures like me, because the gashes closed only leaving a visible marks .

There was still one thing on my mind. Halloween.

End Chapter



© 2010 Ellusive Rose

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Ellusive Rose
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So far, this book is intriguing and captivating. I love the plot, in that there is a interesting story line. The characters seem real, in that you do a beautiful job in establishing an emotional connection with your readers. I like the way you enable your readers to become a part of the story itself, and even enable your readers to live through the consciousness of your characters. Some beautiful writing here. Very impressive work. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. I look forward to reading more.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Ellusive Rose
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