A Strange Memory

A Strange Memory

A Chapter by Ellusive Rose

How can I not wonder when the events themselves took place before my very eyes and I constant and never changing can always look down and never up?


A Strange Memory

I remember a story that once happened long ago and it travels through my head like a broken film. I would replay it over and over and over, trying to make sense of the big picture catching more of the smallest details each time I recollected....

However as many times as I recalled, it's always never fully clear. So no matter how many times I try it would never be perfect. I can hear the cries and the voices of the people I loved and then fade away as if they never existed. Sometimes I wonder if I ever truly existed...but it's always fun to say otherwise. Although I don't want to indulge in it too often. It's too sad.

How can I not wonder when the events themselves took place before my very eyes and I constant and never changing can always look down and never up?

The memory was tragic and quick because we were all running, away from our home and away from the destruction. Our country was filled with beings called Angels, immortal and magestic while satisfiying themselves upon the average lives off the mortals. For a long time, nothing could kill us although many have tried. Always trying to reach our kingdom but never finding the entrance. Our home was shrouded in clouds that confused people of ill hearts and we were always safe...

As memory serves, on that day a new princess was born. It was said that any of the royals had the key to longevity the power to prosper or distort the kingdom in which they ruled. It was also said that on the day a war was emerging between the people of the land, people of the clouds and people of the shadows. The princess was kept locked away for fear that she would be taken away.

The Angels had nothing to fear, since they had immortaliy. Except.........

On that day the clouds grew dark and gate was broken unleashing something that hadn't been seen every before. A monster that could destroy the fabric of time and kill the Angels. This demon was called :


A Dragon of destruction and death.

As quick as lightning the king ordered the queen and a few followers to escape the kingdom and take the princess to a safe place. Just as was ordered the queen ran with the princess in tow as the king stayed to fight and die. The battle was a futile endeavor as many more demons aproached faster and deadilier. The queen couldn't run fast enough and red tears fell upon her cheek as one by one the loyal servants and warriors died before her. Accross the bridge she would be saved, as her last and most trusted friend pushed her across the way and destroyed the bridge. The queen screamed loud and heavy with tears but the friend had already subjected herself for death.

The queen's heart was hard and heavy as the weight of the deaths took their toll on her. Alas on the other side of the bridge was a country....but this country did not welcome the angels not one bit, however the queen had to save her daughter, even if that meant that she could not be with her.

By lurking in the underground passage ways, she came upon a church with a pedestal and there on the pedestal, she left the newborn princess, taking off into the shadows once again, singing a fast lullaby as she left in haste.

The prince of this kingom and his fellow young guard, played in harmony but through their mischeff they came upon the church and happened upon the princess. The prince was amazed as he pulled the blanket from the babies face to see her big and beautiful azul eyes staring at him, right through him. The queen Erselle of this kingdom, sneaks behind the young prince and takes the baby within her arms. The baby was soft and beautiful with pure cream blonde hair and a dazzling smile. The prince couldnt take his off the child. He was small but she was smaller, even smaller than his younger sister.

The Queen looked at the guard and the young prince, a finger reaching her lips in silence.

“This child has no home....Shall we take her in?” the Queen giggled effortlessly

“My Queen do you think this is wise? What would King Arrow think about a stranger of a child? He is not as forgiving as you are my lady...” the guard inquired rapidly but the young prince gripped his hand.

“Mother cna we really keep her? She is.......”

“An interesting find.....” Erselle interjected reading the Prince's eyes before he finished. “I understand exactly and who knows she might be a good companion for your and Celie. What do you think?”

The prince nods his head in agreement as the Queen gently rises, the child in hand, all awhile the guard steadies her,staring quenstionly between the child and his generous Queen.

“My lady, I will ask again.....Do really think this is wise?”

“Yes I do Erving. I really do...” they stare back at the silent prince whose eyes continued to stare into the young babies eyes. Alas she chuckled at the sight. “....I also think Eros agrees with me. Don't you?”

The guard turns face to the child, to the young prince Eros, back to the child and then to the loving Queen who only waited for a response He sighed in submission.

“Well my lady it looks as if you have another child....”

“Thank you Erving..” she sighs apologetically and looks to him one more time, “One more thing.....Please keep the whereabouts of this child origin a secrect from the kind. Let me take care of the details, I also .......need you to watch over her as if she too was your own daughter."

“But�"um my lady!” The guard was blushing repeatedly, never had he expected such a thing as this! The Queen genlty rested her head against his shoulder.

“Please Erving.....I need you for this...” He sighs

“Anything for you my dearest lady.....” The Queen smiles and turns to her son for the last time.

“Okay Eros, we're keeping her but she doesnt have a name. Would you like to give her one?”

The prince folded is arms in deep concentration. A name...it would have to be a good one. Strong and beautiful like her eyes. Suddenly the name spoke to him as if he had though of it forever.

“Aria” the Queen as well as Erving stared in disbelief.

“Aria? Are you sure? She would have to live with this name all of her life. Do you understand?”


“Well alrgiht then. Aria it is!” the Queen lifted the infant high in the air and reapeated her name. The child only smiled in response. “My little Aria, grow up big and strong!”

Then automatically she stared out into the depths of the churh to seek out a lingering shadow that was oblivious to all but herself.

“You may go....I will take good care of her.” she mumbled and immediately the shadowy figured dispersed. Eros and Erving stood idly by waiting for the Queen to follow after them.

“Mother are you alright?”

“Are you not well my lady?”

“No....I am just fine.Let's go.” she cradled the baby as she walked, smiling, and tickling her tiny frail fingers with her own, and finally grabbing her tiny little hands, attempting to match the size of the hands together. “You are my little Aria...And I will never let you go..ever.....”

Togther they all leave the deserted chruch unaware of what was to come and I was to be the center of it all. The one they called Aria that person would be me. 

© 2011 Ellusive Rose

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Ellusive Rose
anything goes

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Added on October 5, 2011
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Ellusive Rose
Ellusive Rose

Valley Stream, NY

Hi, i am a 16 year old girl who loves to write and draw more than anything. Im just starting out with writng stories, so please don't be hard on me okay? That doesn't mean leave out important deta.. more..