There’s not much else left to say

There’s not much else left to say

A Story by Phoenix Ashes

A short excerpt from a Jewish girl in a concentration camp.


I’m afraid I will die here, but I’m not afraid to die. It seems as though everyone else has. Why not me? I’m jealous of those who’ve passed and I can’t help but to feel cheated somehow. I was taken by Germans- Nazis. I want to make it clear that I am not ashamed of being a Jew. I am ashamed, though, of how people can be so bad. ‘Please forgive them God’, I find myself thinking many nights while I lay on the hard as stone “beds.” Forgive them. “Juden, Juden!” I hear them scream. I don’t understand German, but I do now know that word “Jews, Jews!” Why do they hate us? What have we done?

                I found a scrap of paper lying by one of the offices and I took it. Later I found a pencil while pulling the shoes off the deceased. I took it. Now I write because I know I found these objects for a reason and I know I will never write an autobiography or even a letter ever again, but I do hope that this scrap of paper survives even if I don’t, so that one day someone may read it and understand what really goes on in the concentration camps- they exterminate Jews; Plain and simple- murder. Mass murder.

                My name is Mica Neal. I am sixteen years old. The Nazis killed my mother, Leah, my father, Benjamin, my four year old brother, Jacob, my two year old brother, Jemual, and my Grandmother, Lydia and countless more. They destroyed my family and me- they got what they wanted. I do not know the date, or what will happen tomorrow, but I do know that they will not get away with this. I find myself quite content with death right now, and am merely waiting for it to come. I have not eaten for a week- I will no longer eat their food. I will not go in line to be called any longer. I will not wait for them to kill me. I will not fear them any longer. I did not get to do all the things I wanted to do because I was taken for no reason and tossed into a death camp. Please forgive them God.

I am a Jew. I will die here. There’s not much else left to say.  

© 2010 Phoenix Ashes

Author's Note

Phoenix Ashes
I wrote this in about a half an hour after watching Anne Frank: The Whole Story. I am not Jewish, but I find it easy to write about the horrors of WWII and the Final Solution. I hope you find this short story I wrote decent.

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Wow, strong, emotional, and powerful.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 24, 2010
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Phoenix Ashes
Phoenix Ashes


My name is Brianna. I'm 16. I live in the United States, Georgia to be more specific. I get random bursts of ideas for stories quite frequently, so I love writing. I've been working on the same story .. more..

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