Animal I have Become

Animal I have Become

A Poem by Blizzard

Blood creates rivers on the floor beneath me.
Screams echo off the walls around me.
Tears slide down nameless faces.
This is the animal I have become.

Chained and bound I watch. 
There is no hope for them.
No hope for me.
This is the animal I have become.

Emotionless eyes stare at me.
Blood still oozes from open wounds.
Hatred rages through me.
This is the animal I have become

Hunger tears through me.
An unquenchable thirst.
A primal desire.
This is the animal I have become.

I feast upon them.
I end it all for them.
I accept what I am.
This is the animal I have become.

I am a shadow of the night.
I am a wanderer of the night.
I am a vampire.
This is the animal I have become.

© 2011 Blizzard

Author's Note

Constructive criticism is welcome, enjoy.

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I me some inspiration for my next book......

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I don't understand, are you speaking literally or metaphorically when you describe the blood and shizzle? Are you saying this from an actual vampire's viewpoint? hmm...if it is a metaphor, then the vampire could symbolise sucking the life from others in order for to stay alive. The blood that runs rivers beneath you is like guilt and its the same with the blood oozing out of cuts and wounds on their faces. You're feeding from their life, from their attention, yet you feel no emotional tie to them. Am I at all right?

Posted 9 Years Ago

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